Stargate Adventure by Nightwriter84

Chapter 1 by nightwriter84

General Disclaimer:  I do not own anything to do with the characters or the franchise portrayed in this story. 

Decided to re-write the story just a bit, messed severely with the timeline so Harry could get in training.


July 31st 1998---

While Harry, now an eighteen year old, was asleep he began to float above his bed; a golden aura erupted from his body as his mage abilities awakened.  A powerful shockwave quickly spread and dissipated into the air around him.  The energy from the increased magic he gave off caused alarms to go off in a few key offices in Grignotts Bank.  It was a signal to those that had been waiting.  A Mage of old had finally awakened…an Anquietas walked the Terra, again.

As Harry awoke for the day, showered and changed, an owl was making its way to his flat.

Three hours after he awoke---

Harry was staring at a heavily decorated set of double doors above which hung in gold lettering the word's 'Office of the Chief Manager Officer Gringotts International Wizarding Bank'. According to the perpetually scowling Goblin that lead him there after he showed him the letter from the bank addressed to Harry, this was where the leader of all Gringotts worked; and apparently very few wizards are allowed the privilege of meeting with him.

As he waited for his escort to come back out of the room to tell him to come in Harry shifted uneasily. A million thoughts were racing through his head about why he could possibly be here.

It was only a few seconds after that the doors opened and they were called inside the office.

The office was surprisingly streamlined. An interesting combination between what 1950 corporate executives office and the wizarding worlds backward tendencies with a few more modern concessions worked in here and there. The desk held both the modern gel-roller pens and a modern no spill quick dry fountain pens which Harry figured was used for calligraphy and mimicking the effects of the quills they tend to use in the European magical community. On the desk off to the side was a new model typewriter obviously enhanced through magic as it still kept typing even though nobody was near it? Sitting at the head of the desk was a goblin who gestured for them to sit in the chair at the other end.

Just as they got seated the Goblin at the table spoke. "I apologize for the abruptness of our letter and the short notice when coming to our need to meet Lord Potter-Black. I am Chief Manager Ragnoc Head Managing Officer of Gringotts International, we apparently have much to discuss."

Realizing that Ragnoc was referring to himself as Lord Potter-Black, Harry took a moment to organize his thoughts before speaking. "While I am curious as to why the Head of Gringotts wants to talk to me I assume I will be informed of that momentarily. I would however prefer it if you can call me Harry. Is there any particular way you would like me to refer to you?"

 If Ragnoc was at all surprised at Harry's response it was not shown on his face. "You may refer to me as Chief Ragnoc, or even Ragnoc in informal and off the record meetings like this one Harry. Now on to the reason you are here… The goblin nation has for the longest time been keeping watch for when someone like you would surface. For over a thousand years we have waited in fact. To understand just why we have been waiting for you, you will first have to confirm who you are." Reaching down Ragnoc pulled a rectangular plate from under his desk. It had a dull grey metallic sheen and strange glyphs and designs' carved on the side. Placing it on the desk in front of Harry he gestured to it. "Place your hand on the indicated spot in the indentation on top."

"Is it safe," Harry asked worriedly as he looked at the strange device.

"As long as you who your suppose to be," Ragnoc said back with a toothy grin.

Harry looked at the small indentation outlining the top of the box and saw in the reflective light that there was a pattern of dots and lines vaguely outlining the shape of a hand. As Harry made contact with the plate the whole device lit up. Runes and Symbols became more defined and started to glow with a warm bluish white light before folding in on itself into a smaller sized cylinder. Ragnoc gave Harry a predatory smile "Yes Harry, now I can take you to the main vault so you can claim it for yourself."

 "Yes, you are indeed a wizard…of sorts. But you are also so much more. The best way to explain all this would be to show you. Please save all questions for the end." Reaching down below his desk again Ragnoc placed what looked like to be half a crystal ball the size of a basketball on the desk before waiving his hand and a hologram of the galaxy was projected above them.

 "This is the galaxy we are currently in that the muggles refer to as the Milky-Way galaxy. Only this is the galaxy as it was over three million years ago. In this galaxy and there lived a great race known as the Alterans often called the Ancients or Anquietas in their language. At this time they had a great empire that stretched across the galaxy. Eventually they me three other the Nox also native to the Milky Way, the Asgard native to the Ida galaxy and the Furlings who were native to the Andromeda galaxy; the three races that the Anquietas met revered and looked up to the Ancients who had lived much longer then themselves and had been exploring the cosmos long before they had. The wisdom of the Ancients was always cherished and with the Ancients leading the way they lived in peace with for many millennia forming the Great Race Alliance." Ragnock seeing taking the silence to mean that Harry would be holding there question decided to continue to the next part of the explanation.

"About a million years ago a great plague swept the Milky Way galaxy. Following the death of many Furlings and Ancients the Asgard withdrew to their own home galaxy in the hopes of quarantining themselves. The Nox shut themselves in the isolation of the few main planets they lived on. The remaining few Furlings left to go back to their home galaxy of Andromeda eventually the surviving Ancients fled their home world of Terra in their great city ships Atlantis, Olympus, Thule, Kobol, Caesars, Agartha, and Shambhala leaving the plague to continue to run out its course on the infected worlds." Seeing he still had the attention of Harry, Ragnock swiped his and the hologram changed.

"Seeing no end in sight and that the contaminated worlds would always remain infected long after any significant sentient life was gone. The Ancients arraigned for all biological life on the infected planets to be wiped out before reseeding the planets with life. On Terra the Ancients placed what could easily be called an early stage of their evolutionary form when they were still there most primitive. This early evolution was one of the first humans, what muggles now call Homo heidelbergensis.

The Ancients then did what they did best, wandered the stars. After that, for the next million or so years all we know is that most of them eventually settled in the Pegasus dwarf galaxy and something drove them back to Terra around ten thousand years ago. Here they found that the Homo heidelbergensis had not evolved any differently than they had in there early years. Fascinated by this discovery some of them integrated into the local populous and procreated with your human ancestors. Others went into seclusion and mediation seeking to achieve enlightenment and then Ascension.

The furling had returned around the same time in their few remaining ships their home galaxy destroyed by war. When the Furling made it to Terra around six thousand years ago they found the few Ancients who had achieved ascension leading or helping relatively advanced human cultures. Many of whom wanted to leave Terra and go find there brothers and sisters in the City Ships Kobol and Olympus who they had never found out the fate of. The Furlings wanted a planet to settle on, and what better planet then the one that their old friends were living on. A few of the Ancients that wanted to, decided to leave around five thousand years ago taking the few ships that the Furlings had and sought out the two city's that did not follow to Pegasus."    The hologram then shut off, its last scene was the Hologram showing a few of the Furling ships with Ancients and a few human followers leaving Earth for unknown space. Ragnoc looked at Harry and waited for him to finish digesting the information.

It was Harry that spoke first, "Okay, I will buy it. Now, assuming this is not one big elaborate joke. What does this have to do with me?"  Ragnoc raised an eyebrow before saying "I am getting to that… you needed the back-story though. Let me ask you something… do you believe me?"

Harry gave a quick nod. "I will need some sort of empirical proof though."  Grinning viscously at Harry the only sign of Ragnoc's excitement was his shifting back and forth slightly "Well, around fourteen hundred years ago one of the original survivors of the city ship Atlantis de-ascended. His name then was High Councilor Moros Ambross though when he took mortal form again he took the name Myrddin Emrys. He helped a muggle King Arthur Aurelius Pendragon establish Camelot and bring together Wizards and Muggles to make the kingdom a utopia. It was with Arthur's death at the hand of the first officially recorded Dark Lord Mordred. After the death of both Arthur and Mordred Camelot feel apart and magic became feared by many muggles. Myrddin was then approached again by his old friend and fellow former ascended Ganos Lal otherwise known as Morgan le Fay. Morgan needed Myrddin's help and told him that she foresaw a possible future where the Ancient DNA would once again surface at its most powerful and complete form." Ragnoc smiled when he saw Harry's jaw drop as they started to piece everything all together in their heads.

Grinning wider still Ragnoc continued the end of the story, "They approached there old Furling friends that they will be leaving and that should there 'heir' to their race ever re-surface be it through natural evolution or with the assistance of an Ascended the Furlings were to help there 'heir' re-build the once great race that was the Ancients. Eventually, it was the hope of the Furlings that should the Ancients return to the realm of mortals the Great Race Alliance could be reformed and the Three Galaxies of the Alliance brought back into another Golden Age. Last we heard in the galactic rumor mill, the Asgard are dying out, the Nox are so isolated nobody other than the Great Races even know they exist, and the same goes for the Furlings. According to reports from the Asgard the Milky Way is populated by Hundreds of Billions of Human's and Jaffa who are some sort of human offshoot; both are oppressed by the race known as the Goa'uld who uses them as slaves. This is a far cry from the once enlightened and peaceful galaxy that existed under the Great Alliance." Ragnoc finished grimly.

After taking a moment to absorb and process the last of Ragnoc's story Harry finally spoke. "So, let me just get this straight. You think I am the beginning of the second coming of the Ancients a once intergalactic superpower now reduced to just me. The Goblin race is actually the Furlings an alien race from another galaxy. The Milky Way is populated by Billions of humans on other planets that are not Earth, enslaved by some sort of other Alien empire. Finally, the Asgard, Furlings, and Nox expect me to help them rebuild a several million year old alliance and restore peace to the galaxy liberating the humans from there oppressors by rebuilding the Race I am supposed to be the last of. Oh… I almost forgot! Merlin and Morgan are also aliens and have named me their heir. Am. I. Missing. Anything!" Harry asking the last part through clenched teeth.

Ragnoc just smirked "That about sums it up."

Irritated at the Head Goblins smirk Harry decided to test the waters. "And if I said 'screw it all' and decide to go live a quiet normal life?"  "Nobody would stop you. Just remember that when you do that, there will be Billions suffering because you did not embrace your birthright."

"What is my birthright?  Or any ideas on how to accomplish these tasks" asked Harry as three beings of bright white energy appeared to Ragnoc and Harry.  Taking form into that of Merlin, Morgana Le Fay and Janus, as the third spoke "Your birthright is Camelot and Avalon."   "What?"  Harry said as he turned around to look at the beings as his jaw drooped once again at seeing Merlin and Morgana Le Fay and an unknown man standing in the room.  "Welcome back to the mortal realm.  How may I be of service?"  Ragnoc stood and bowed to the Ancients as Harry was still speechless.  "I am Janus an Ancient, as these two are my companions and fellow Ancients…" Janus had begun before Harry interrupted him by saying "Merlin and Morgana Le Fay"   "Yes, Harry" Morgana said to the stunned young man as she watched him carefully.  "Ok, what do I need to do" Harry asked as he sighed in resignation at his destiny was now again set for him.  Ragnoc smiled and so did the three Ancients.  "We have the city-ship Camelot here on Earth under heavy wards and shields in Antarctica and Avalon his located on the dark side of the moon, heavily cloaked and shielded.  They were both industrial cities so we stocked them full of everything you will need.  There are raw materials of all kinds and schematics of ships, and more" Janus said excitedly.

Harry got up and began to pace back and forth trying to think of what to do.  "We could use the advanced computer system on either Camelot or Avalon to hack, as you say, into the record files of England to update your records to show that you have been away at a legitimate schooling and with the Knowledge repository on Avalon or Camelot we could down load the knowledge you would need to pass any exams," Janus suggested.  "Yes, and you could use the Goblin memory Learning system to fill in anything else in your education that you might want to learn," Ragnoc said as the group decided on what to do.   

In the next week,

 Everything was set up and Harry scar removed all his Alteran genes activated and knowledge on all subjects that would make him look like a genius if he were tested was downloaded into his brain.  The Ancient technology healed most of the major injuries form years of neglect and malnutrition. 

Harry now stood at 6'5, 220 lbs of lean muscular physique, of a tri-athlete, no more glasses were need and the basilisk venom had been removed from his blood, but the phoenix tears were seen as a bonus that would help heal Harry more rapidly.  Harry James Potter became known by his birth name, with an addition of Black to his surname Aindreas Harris James Potter-Black, an eighteen year old college student with a substantial inheritance that he could live off of and attend expense free any University in the world.

It took Harry a week in a healing coma for him to safely assimilate the knowledge of the Ancients, safely.

Luckily his brain physiology was advanced enough to handle the download of knowledge.

A week after that Harry took his eleven plus exams through his A-Levels and university entrance exams, where Harry decided to attend Cambridge University in Cambridge, England.

Harry took a Lineage test and Magi Ability test to help determine where exactly he was at compared to the Ancients of old.

"I believe that a lineage test should be done," Ragnoc said to Harry after giving the boy a moment to collect himself.

"Ok, let's get this lineage test over with," Harry said as Ragnoc brought out a rune carved stone bowl and another with different runes explaining, "I believe that you would also like a Magi abilities test to see which magical abilities you have an affinity or talent for, that you might have inherited do to your lineage, and we can remove the two blocks that are on your magic that your parents had to put on due to your early show of magical strength," as Ragnoc brought out to potions and certified parchment, as well as a dagger with a runes carved on it.

As Ragnoc unsealed the potion bottles and poured them into the different runic bowls, Ironhook then handed the dagger to Harry as he explained, "now slice your palm and let the blood pool in your hand, then pour the blood in to one of the bowls, then repeat.  I will heal your hand afterwards."

Harry did as told and poured his blood into the bowls one at a time watching it mix with the potions, then he let Ragnoc take his hand to heal the wound with a wave of the goblins hand and a muttered phrase in goblin language.  The wound healed seamlessly and only a tingling feeling was left over.  Ragnoc then went to wave is hands over the runic bowls and began to chant in his native language, as the runes lit up and the potions began to swirl and heat up, all the while Ragnoc's hands were glowing.  When the chant ended the potions were boiling and Ironhook slipped the parchments into the hot blood potion and Harry watched fascinated as the parchment absorbed the potion and words began to form giving the results of the test.

Lineage Test Results…

Birth Name: Aindreas Harry James Evans-Potter

False registered name: Harry James Potter 

Age: 18

Status: pure-blood Mage



Name: James Charlus Potter/// Father's status: pure-blood


Name: Lily-An Kathrin Potter nee Evans/// Mothers Status: half-blood 

Head of House…

Through Fathers Line…




Black/De Blanc

Through Mother line…


By right of Conquest…


Results of Magi Test…

Natural Occlumns and legilimns


-empathic and telekinetic


-eidetic and photographic memory



Ragnoc saw the Potter family account book updated magically at the claim of the lines do to the lineage test.

Total worth in gold: 122,765,349 troy ounces, in American Dollars: 191,538,497,510.00

Total worth in silver: 967,572, 122 troy ounce, in American Dollars: 46,407,274,659.00

Total worth in Platinum: 34,572,899 troy ounces, in American Dollars: 64,752,965,453.00

Combined worth: 112,491,037,000 troy ounces in Wizarding currency, in American dollars: 302,698,737,622.00

Not including stocks in muggle and magical business…

Owner of several mines of gold, platinum, and silver, and precious gems, like diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, etc.

Owner of a fine wine company and upscale liquer-50,000 acres of vineyards in France, Italy, South Africa and Australia.

Owner of a magical and non-magical agricultural farms and cattle, sheep, and horse ranches.

Magical stock in---

Daily Prophet-50 %

Madam Malkins- 50%

Sluggers and Jiggers Apothecary-50%

Nimbus Broom Company-50%

Weasley Wizard Wheezes-25%

Zonko's Joke Shop-25%

Flourish and Blotts-50%

Ollivanders Fine Wands-50%

Non-Magical stock in---


Macintosh (now Mac Computers and Apple)-25%

DeBeers diamonds-50%

Corvine Shipping-75%

Virgin Media-25%


"Wow," Harry said as he leaned back in his chair reading over the ledger that Ragnoc had given him after his test results.

The ledger automatically updated with the vaults that he held and rings appeared in boxes.

"If you will sign these papers, then I can file them immediately and have you emancipated in both worlds," Ragnoc stated as he passed a stack of papers to Harry which he signed immediately.

The papers disappearing from sight to be filed with the proper offices, "I have ordered your vaults combined and tied to these gifts from the goblin nation, free of charge," Ragnoc said as he handed over to Harry a dragon hide pocket book look to be a checkbook with checks in it, next was a wallet, a credit and debit card, and last was a pouch.

"Now, the checkbook and checks will appear to be from any bank that you wish, the wallet can draw up to five thousand in the currency that you wish, and the amounts will automatically be drawn from money vault, again the same with the credit card and debit card, which was an idea from a muggle-born employee of Gringotts in the US, so that you can shop or live in the muggle world without having to come in and exchange galleons for currency.  The last is a magical pouch that can hold up to ten thousand galleons, is charmed light weight and all-weather proof.  Just take this dagger and use it to slice your finger to put a drop of blood on the leather of each item and you will need to sign your name with this blood quill to the cards to activate the security features, it matters not which name you use at both are on your vaults," Ragnoc explained as he handed the dagger and blood quill to Harry who did as he was told unaware that he had conjured a table to write on.

"Now, Lord Potter, here is a self updating book of all your stocks, lands, monies, family history, votes in the Wizengamot went in your absence and if you need to reach me just write what it is you need and I will answer," Ragnoc explained everything that was in the book to Harry.

A barbecue at the Tonks house,

"Hey, Harry what happened to you," Remus said as he looked at his adopted uncle.

"Looks like I finally hit that growth spurt, everyone talks about," Harry said as he sat the food down that he brought.

"Listen can everyone come out, so I can talk to them," Harry said as he picked up Teddy.

"Sure, I'll get them for you," Remus said as he went into the house and everyone came out to greet everyone.

"So handsome what do you have to tell us," Tonks said jokingly as the group sat around the picnic table.

"Well I have decided to leave for awhile," Harry said to the group of people that he considered his family.

The Tonks, the Lupins, Narcissa, and Bellatrix, "But why Harry has something happened," Bella said of the one person who had saved her and her sister from Azkaban and freed them of their deranged husbands.

"No, it's just that now that I have my inheritance, I want a chance to travel and I've even taken my muggle exams and have decided to go to a muggle university," Harry said as he tried to explain his reasons.

"I want a chance to travel and see what the world has to offer and have a chance at a life outside of the magical world.  So I applied and have been accepted to the University of Cambridge and I plan on attending this fall semester," Harry said to everyone.

 "I need for you to do me a favor, though.

I need people that I trust to sit my family seats and that will take all of you as I have taken a lineage test and have discovered my mother was a half-blood and tied to Rowena Ravenclaw, plus by rite of conquest I took over the Slytherin seat.  It's now been proven that the Potter's are tied to the Gryffindor line and of course someone needs to sit the Black family seat," Harry said as the regents were chosen to sit the four family seats, being the Black sisters and Tonks.

 Harry then spent the next three weeks shopping for a flat in Cambridge with the Black sisters and Tonks, then buying furniture, new wardrobe, and a motorcycle, as well as gear.  The flat was a small, but open and modern studio apartment that he bought and painted in warm Earth colors, rust red and orange.  Leather couches, a queen size bed and dark wood and slate furniture and bookshelves, desk and other accent pieces were added as well other necessities.  He stocked the bookcases full of any and all books on various subjects that caught his attention or interests, Harry also bought the newest electronics and a computer and printer.

While in London one day ,Harry decided to do some much need of shopping.  So he went to the nearest underground entrance and got on the train to Piccadilly circle, to go to Harrods Department store, where he bought the latest brand name, high end, styles for summer wear, shorts, t-shirts, belts, socks, underwear, swim trunks, and shoes, along with some workout clothes.  Harry then went to a book store after stowing his clothes away in his trunk, while in an empty men's bathroom.

At the bookstore Harry bought books on every isle that interested him, especially one called "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, and "Common Sense, Rights of Man" by Thomas Paine, he also picked up the latest teen fiction craze and books on writing, math, grammar, history, spelling, literature essentials, like Shakespeare, Dickenson, Sir Conan Doyle and other classics, and sciences, Harry even picked up the collection of Manga books like Naruto and others that looked interesting or informative about magic, 'who knew he could find exercises for magic in muggle world.'  Harry thought as he also picked up books on different martial arts, fencing, yoga, Pilates and other fitness books.  Harry went to pay for his books and then went to hide in a men's room to un-shrink a magical shopping trunk and stowed his books away, before leaving the store and heading to a small café for a much need break and lunch.

 Harry stopped outside a salon and decided to get a haircut and style and bought they best hair care products, shampoos, and styling gels, 'I mean who knew messy hair was in.'

Harry thought as he looked through the hair style magazines and picked one that he showed the stylist.  Harry had decided to get a short haircut of about a half an inch long on top of his head and a bit shorter on the sides and styled to stick up. 


When Harry began university he declared a duel major of Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics with a minor in general Engineering.  So for the next four years Harry worked on his degree and made friends, he even dated some and had steady girlfriends, but nothing serious, and spent time with the Black sisters, Lupins and Tonks.  In May 2001, Harry graduated with a Bachelor in Theoretical Physics, specializing in Astrophysics and a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics.  Everyone he called family came to the event, which Harry was glad to see and proud of the Black sisters for their effort to move amongst muggles. 

Harry had applied and been accepted to graduate school at Cambridge and three years later, in 2004; he had graduated again with Master of Science in Physics and Theoretical, Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics and bachelors in Engineering in engineering science.

Harry then applied to University of California at Berkley for post graduate, for the '04 school year.  Where he worked for the next four years to receive a Ph. D in Physics and Theoretical, and masters in Astrophysics, Harry began to work on his last Ph. D in Astrophysics at UC Berkley in 2008.


Harry commuted back and forth between Camelot and Berkley, California as he continued to work on his last Ph. D degree.  Harry was working on an Artificial Intelligence program for Avalon and Camelot when the computer system picked up the energy needed and the signature of a Stargate being activated on Earth.  Harry had set up a cloaked satellite to search for a Stargates, but could only find them once they were activated.

"Camelot can you pick up the location of the active Stargate that is in use" Harry asked as he went to a computer terminal and pulled up an image of the relayed information.

"Affirmative, the Stargate now in use is at coordinates N. 38.7562 by W. -104.85751, on the out skirts of the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America in the continent of North America, Northern Hemisphere.  It his located under a mountain complex owned by the United States Air Force and known as NORAD and Cheyenne Mountain Air Station"  the female voice of the computer in toned as Harry watched a 3D projected image appear of where exactly the Stargate and how many personnel were in the vicinity of the Stargate.

"Damned, yanks are going to get us killed" Harry muttered to himself as the computer announced "I do not understand the command" Harry just sighed and shook his head before stating "Never mind."

"Camelot, monitor the situation for further development and see if you can access any telephone, computer, or video feeds from around and out of the Stargate complex" Harry asks of Camelot

"Affirmative, we will have video and telephone feed in one minute and computer access for facility in three minutes" Camelot says in its female voice.

"Ok, re-route video to video monitors, a different video monitor for the different camera feeds.  Maintain and monitor telephone calls in and out of the mountain complex, scan and record conversations in reference to the Stargate, and begin to search all known databanks for mentioned personnel of any significance, then begin a dossier on the mention persons."  Harry asked Camelot as he began to see where they had gone or any mention of the planet. 

After he was done with only a bunch irrelevant numbers and letters for a co ordinance, Harry then set to expanding a spy satellite network for the galaxy while thinking 'if the yanks are going to head into space this soon, then he needed to know the intergalactic news.'  Harry then sent word to Ragnoc telling him he had located at Stargate has been found, but that it was in the hands of the United States Air Force and they had just activated it for the first time from what he knew.

"Camelot, I just thought of something.  Can you use the amount of energy and needed to activate that Stargate and see if it has a sister gate.  If you can locate it through any natural anomalies that co-ordinate at the exact second the gate was activated" Harry asked the Camelot's computer system as he heard it say "Affirmative." He thought 'just maybe the Alteran's left more than one gate on a world or the Goa'uld or another race good have put an extra gate.'

After a while of waiting, Camelot picked up the activation of the same Stargate and Harry soon learned that the trip went a planet called Abydos.  There they had run into the Goa'uld Ra getting on his bad side then blowing him up, with a nuke.

"Oh shit! they didn't, now there will be a possible power vacuum or retaliation" Harry muttered to himself as he continued to monitor the situation as he had Camelot prepare to launch a long range probe to Abydos last known co-ordinates.

Harry hacked into the pentagon records for any further information on the science team and the internet for a Dr. Daniel Jackson, archeologist.  As he read through what he found on Jackson he was impressed with the guy's theories on the pyramids. 

Harry had Camelot monitor the Stargate for any further attempts, and a Dr. Captain Samantha Carter's team as they tried for six months more to decipher new Stargate addresses.  He again looked up this Carter's records military and academic to see that her specialty was Theoretical Astrophysics. 'Huh' knew that I recognized the name.  Has he had met the beautiful doctor Carter at a lecture at MIT on wormholes theories and had coffee with her, after introducing, himself.

Harry spent the time working on his Ph. D. and when at Camelot he would launch spy satellites to key Goa'uld worlds and monitoring there activity and communications, as well as setting up a relay communication system via subspace through the satellites.  Each satellite was cloaked, had multiphase shielding, a small ZPM crystal power source that would last 250 years, a many computer, translator, and relay communication system, camera for Video, and engine to maneuver through the atmosphere of a planet and into space from a going through a Stargate.  It was sphere shaped and looked like a basketball in size.


Harry graduates with his Ph. D. in Astrophysics, he then moves to Camelot full time, but kept a place at Berkley, he stays on as an assistant professor of Theoretical and Astrophysics at least till.


27th July 2010,

Camelot again caught activity coming from the Stargate in Colorado Springs, and began to record the events and monitor phone lines in and out of the mountain complex.  In the meantime Camelot contacted Harry at UC Berkley in his research lab via a mental connection from rectangular shaped (like dog tags shaped, centimeter thick) made from Naquadah and mirthil coated with a mini-ZPM crystal inside the necklace that powered the device that kept Harry in contact with Camelot and Avalon's computers and was silver in color, it was also a translation device, that works up to 50 light years away.

Harry left that evening early and transported straight to Camelot to see what was going on.  "Here we go! Camelot what is currently happening at the mountain complex" Harry asked as he sat down at a station to go over the security footage of the gate room incident. 

Harry had previously snuck into the Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, using a cloak and added invisibility charm and put up hidden cameras with sound at the gate level complex to record in activity.  The devices were charmed invisible and durable.  The tech was made to work with magical energy as it was made from plastic with mirthil conduits and wires and modified to send wireless subspace real-time images and sound.

"The Goa'uld identified as Apohsis has successfully dialed the Stargate.  Killed Air Force personal and taken one female hostage.  According to the satellite network in Aphosis controlled area of space there is a report of increase in activity on all worlds and personal appearances by Aphosis, himself.  He has also mentioned a takeover of Ra's old territory."  Camelot revealed as Harry watched as General Hammond sent for Colonel O'Neal and brought in other members of the original team.

"Not good" Harry muttered to himself as he decided to suit up and head to Colorado Springs.  Harry pulled on his combat gear that was designed by himself and Ragnoc and tailored maid by the goblin's best tailors, armor and leather smiths.  The material was the best that the magical and non-magical world had to offer.  Harry pulled on dark grey cargo pants, muscle shirt and button up, dark grey in color and a collar that stood up, covering 1/3 of the neck area.  The vest was a special Kevlar (think roman breastplate design) made out of traditional Kevlar and basilisk and dragon hide with woven thin strips of crystalline and mirthil strands, the design was tough and durable charmed light weight and could dispel energy and Zat gun blasts, safely.  Harry then pulled on his boots made of extra durable basilisk and dragon hide with shin and knee guards made out of the same special Kevlar, again charmed light weight.  Next the basilisk and dragon hide trench coat, with hood charmed to obscure face in black, with hidden expandable pockets, charmed against all weather resistant, heated and cooling depending on weather, durable and extra tough.

Harry, before putting the trench coat on put on his newly made bracer gauntlet, made of acrimantula silk, leather for the comfort on the wearers arm, and then a thin coat of mirthil coated to protect the arm, naquadah two pieces with a thin rounded ZPM crystal and mirthil components, all together a centimeter and a half thick and had a mini-computer inside that could interface with computers and upload files, a personal cloaking device and multiphase shield device, that could even stop projectiles, keep out harmful radiation, zat gun capable and magical focus that amplifies magic, and an Alteran scanner.

Harry also grabbed his extendable pike, for hand-to-hand combat, and a modified pistol that could still shoot projectiles, but could also fire phase plasma shots, the gun and magazine had a cleaning charm on it, and a capacitate cap or just cap, for short, attached to the bottom of the magazine.  Harry put on a thigh and hip holster on his left hip/thigh, extra magazine clips and cap clips, as well as is six inch extendable pike in its holster.  Harry's last step was to put in new charmed ever last contacts, while he didn't need them, they were charmed to have night vision, sun protection for eyes, binocular or telescoping vision, x-ray vision, thermal vision, mage sight (see magic and shields or wards). 

Harry monitored communications from the mountain complex and waited for the right time to enter, as he cloaked himself and transported to outside the complex, in the woods.  He then made his way into the mountain and followed personnel from floor to floor, until he spotted and followed Captain Carter into the briefing room 'nice arse' he thought not for the first time as he had heard her give a few speeches on the theory of wormholes, before having to quickly hit the airmen with a quick, silent and invisible 'confundus' charm to keep the door open an extra longer.

Inside the briefing room, Harry watched the verbal sparring match between Colonel O'Neal and Captain Carter and the interrogation of the newbie by the old team.  Harry then waited around till the team suited up and were ready to go, he followed them to Abydos, to Earth, then to Chulak.  Harry watches the interaction between Teal'c and O'Neal in the dungeons.

 It was there in the dungeons that Harry let his presence be known after the choosing and Aphosis order of "Kill the rest" he turns to leave with his new wife.  As they leave everyone else runs screaming to the back wall, all but SG-1.  The serpent guards advance on the innocent people "I can save them" O'Neal yells to Teal'c.  Harry gives this Jaffa the chance to redeem himself as he watches.

 "Many have made that claim in the past" Teal'c says after turning back to face O'Neal.  Sensing what Teal'c was about to do.

"Yeah, but the yank means it and he can if you and your friends join him" Harry decloaked himself in front of everyone with a shimmer type effect, hood up obscuring his face and standing next to, but three feet to the left of O'Neal, he flicks his left hand out and banishing the guards backwards, to the utter astonishment of SG-1 and Teal'c.

"Who are you" O'Neal asks of the new stranger as he pulls his phase pistol out of its holster and aims "not now." Harry fires phase plasma burst at the guards as Teal'c joins in and throws O'Neal his staff weapon as he grabs one from a downed serpent guards.  While Harry fires on the guards through the bars, quickly before they can run off and get help. 

Harry put his modified gun away while yelling "move out of the way" to the scattered crowd at the back wall, they move immediately and Harry flings his left hand out shouting "Defodio Maximus" as he gouges a large hole out in the back wall.

"How did you…" Carter asks having not believed her eyes, "Magic…now let's go" Harry says as he picks up a staff weapon and rushes to the and through the opening and out the other side.  He checks for any Jaffa patrols or other people before waiving that it's all clear.  Carter is the first one through, then the other people and Jackson, followed by O'Neal and then finally Teal'c after talking to O'Neal about a home.

On the walk with the prisoners away from Chulak and back to the Stargate the team learns what a Jaffa is and then the attention falls on Harry, "and you would be" O'Neal asks as he turns his head to look at Harry.

 "I am Magi" is Harry's response as he continues to stare a head at the road.

"Nice to meet you Magi" O'Neal says as he thinking its Harry's name.

  Harry smirks and shakes his head no, "not name" Harry says as he straightens up and says, "My people are the Magi people."

"Alright so you aren't going to tell us your name," was O'Neal's response.

"Perhaps, someday" Harry says cryptically as the group continues to walk.

"How did you do the things you did back in the dungeon" Jackson tried to ask, but Harry just turned his head to look at the young archeologist and smiled to himself.

"I am to curious, for only the false gods have technology to though a person, but not several people backwards at once" Teal'c add his thoughts on the subject.

"I am Magi" Harry said as he smiled again frustrating the team.

"We get that" O'Neal said as he stopped and looked at Harry.

"I cannot say, what I am or anything about my people it is forbidden, but I have given you clues to what I truly am and where I come from Tau'ri" Harry said as he looked from one team member to the next.

"I will add this we have met before, Tau'ri" Harry spoke as he continued to walk down the road.  The team wondered what he meant by calling them Tau'ri and by the having met part.

"A what's a Tau'ri comment suppose to mean" O'Neal yelled then ran to catch up as the others caught up with Harry "Tau'ri is a term for someone from the world Terra, human, an ancient term, so get use to hearing it in reference to yourselves."

At that moment a death glider was heard and the order to scatter was given, but Kawalsky and Sg-2 sent a stinger missile at the ship blowing it up.  O'Neal saw Skaa'ra, but he had already been taken over by a Goa'uld.

The team had to fight their way to and back through the gate, but they made it.  Once through the other side the teams relaxed or so they thought as General Hammond approached saying "Do you know what he is?"

"Yes sir, he and this man, Magi saved our lives and if you accept my recommendation, sir you'll let them join SG-1" O'Neal said as he put a hand on Teal'c's shoulder and then on Harry's shoulder.

"That decision may not be up to me or you" Hammond said as he looked around at the team then the refugees before adding "debriefing at 07:30, should be interesting" before turning and walking away.

Chapter 2 by nightwriter84

General Disclaimer: I don't own anything or have anything to do with the franchises portrayed in this story, this is purely for fun.

Chapter 2---

A few days later,

Harry was taken to the debriefing room for questioning by Colonel Kennedy.  He had given up his weapons, his modified pistol, extra caps and magazine and his pike and even his fore-arm bracer/gauntlet and roman style breastplate.  They could run the tests that they wanted on the devices, but they wouldn't work as they were tailored to Harry's DNA structure, only.

"Hello, I'm sorry but what his your name, Magi" Colonel Kennedy said to Harry as the Colonel gestured to a chair "Have a seat."

"I will only talk, with the team SG-1 and the Jaffa Teal'c, present" Harry said to Colonel Kennedy and his aid, and General Hammond.

"Fine that can be arranged" General Hammond consented to the demand.  "I also wish to talk to your President, not in person, a conference of some sort will do.  Tell him not to set it up in his oval office or anywhere at the White House and in a room with no photos or portraits of any kind.  Mention the term wizards or the phrase it has to do with wizards and that they watch him in his office" Harry said looking Hammond in the eye and sending a mild compulsion charm at Hammond.  It was making him sick to have to do so, but the President need to hear this.

"I will have to check on that" General Hammond said looking uncomfortable at the idea as did Colonel Kennedy.

"Till then I have nothing to say" Harry informed the officers and was taken back to his room.

Three hours later---

Harry was led back to the debriefing room, where he spotted SG-1, Teal'c, General Hammond, Colonel Kennedy, his aid, and tele-conference equipment, set up with the President watching from a secure room at the pentagon without any pictures or portraits.

"Alright we've met your demands, now tell us who you are and could you lower your hood, now" General Hammond said upset at being pushed around in his own facility. 

"I have given clues to SG-1, when we first met in the dungeons and on the path back to the stargate" Harry said as he took a seat at the conference table.  While the SG-1 tried to recall any clues.

"Yanks, you called Jack a yank" Jackson said finally remembering something "and your accent is British and a British slang term for Americans is Yank."

"I also called you Tau'ri and said I'd been to this planet, so might that have how I possibly picked up the term" Harry said while looking at Daniel.

"Right so you're not part of a British SGC" the President asked worry showing on his face for a moment.

"No, I'm not" Harry assured the President

"What about a wizarding SGC" the President asked as the wizarding world seemed to be full of secrets.

"No," Harry said with a grin.

"Wait just a moment you called your kind Magus, now we're talking about wizards.  Of course magus is the root word for magician, also known as a Mage, wizards, witches, sorcerers" Jackson said jumping on to the clue given to them on Chulak.

Magic's not real" Carter said shaking her head in disbelief.

"Who says it not…the legend's had to come from somewhere" Jackson argued "Magus also means an inventor, so technology of any kind can be a kind of magic to less advanced society or race."

"Indeed it is how the Goa'uld proves they are gods of some sort" Teal'c spoke up for the first time.

"Look you took, my equipment, so I have nothing on me," Harry said as he held up his hands then gestured to the glass that Jack was holding about to take a sip if water when Harry waved his hand and a garden snake appeared in his hand instead.

"Shit," O'Neal said as he threw the snake back on the table and Harry waved his hand again and the snake was turned back into a glass of water.

"How…where's your wand," the President said out loud before saying "They assured me no one could do magic without a wand."

"Who assured you Mr. President," Hammond asked looking at the President's image curiously.

"The vast majority can't and the few that can have to keep saying the spells or can only do the most basic of magic's.  The need the focus or foci in the wand as well as the incantation to be able to do what I did, sir.  I breaking our international law by showing this to muggles or non-magicals, but Carter's right magic isn't real," Harry said as he looked at everyone.

"But what you just did and what I was shown," the President said to the confusion of everyone, but Harry.

"Look yes I'm from Earth, Surrey, England to be exact and a British citizen, but I have not been a part of the magical world for some time.  I'm a type of human just like the Jaffa, just a lot more evolved.  Magi or wizardkind as they prefer are actually more evolved humans, physically and mentally.  Technically I'm more evolved then my fellow Magi, but the world I spent part of my life in is backwards and prejudice, they resent any change, to their status quo.  Their stuck somewhere between one hundred and five hundred years in the past and most refuse to move forward.  I came into my inheritance at eighteen, which was to be the heir of Le Fay, her husband and Merlin; they knew the truth of magic's origin. No they weren't enemies and she wasn't the half sister of Arthur or even the mother of Mordred, the stories are exaggerated.  That's where I learned of the Stargate and its network, I chose to pursue a non-magical life for my own reasons and instead pursue the next great adventure, I've been studying and living in the non-magical world, since I was eighteen.  Everything from my increased magical abilities to where I no longer need a wand for a focus my magical energy or spells and incantations to a degree, I have also been studying at university, non-magical technologies."  Harry said finally getting tired and removing his hood with his hand.  He revealed himself, messy short black hair and aristocratic features, as well as brilliant green eyes.

"I have three Ph. D's form UC Berkley and my graduate and undergraduate degrees are from Cambridge," Harry said as the others looked at him for the first time.

"In what subjects," Carter asked as she looked into Harry's startling green eyes, trying to remember where she had seen him. 

Harry smiled at her "Physics, Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics.  I also have a Masters of Engineering in Engineering Science.  Yes, Captain we have met before even had coffee.  Four years ago at a conference on Wormhole Theories being held at MIT."

"The names Dr. Aindreas Potter-Black," Harry said as he saw recognition in Captain Carter's eyes at the mention of his name.

"Of course, I've read your articles on micro-wormholes, alternate realities, and time travel" Harry smiled at Sam as she spoke "I even summated your name to be considered for possible addition to the SGC if we ever got it up and running."

"To tell you a secret micro-wormholes are how we magicals tend to travel via a type of travel we call apparition.

We manipulate the energies within are body and with extreme practice and concentration we can locate a micro-wormhole within Earth's atmosphere lock on to it and squeeze are bodies through it, basically its' like trying to squeeze your body through a an opening the size of a straw.  The stargate dials and locks onto a micro-wormhole and supersizes the opening with enough power to allow large objects through, now that's a simplified version of how we can travel and seem to disappear from one place and re-appear in another," Harry said to a stunned group of people.

"Well obviously, I know about the Stargate and its network and so much more.  Unfortunately, I am forbidden to tell you what I know out right at this time, but I can help guide you in your search and point you in the right directions." Harry said as he saw the looks of disappointment on Jackson and Carter's faces.

"How much help can you give us," Colonel Kennedy asked?

As Harry turned to look at Teal'c and asked "Teal'c what do you know of the legends of the Tau'ri and the first world where the Goa'uld first got their hosts and slaves."

Teal'c explained legends of the Tau'ri and the first world to the astonishment of the assembled group.

"Teal'c humans of this form evolved here on Earth a million years ago," Jackson said to the raised eyebrow of Teal'c "Then you are the Jaffa's and humans of other worlds hope to end the tyranny of the Goa'uld" Teal'c said to everyone.

"For some concessions that I will name, I will help develop the armor plate that I wore and manufacture the armor, the weapons I created and use of my galactic satellite network that I have located above key Goa'uld planets, I will also work here and help develop my own and any recovered technologies," Harry said as he watched eyes widen at the casual tone that Harry used to list the items he would share and help with.

"We have a deal, Dr. Potter-Black" the President said after a moment to think it over.

"You let Teal'c have full citizenship in the United States and protected status here on Earth, as well as join SG-1 as requested by Colonel O'Neal.  Second, I get to keep some secrets, till I deem it the right time to reveal.  Third you in form the British Prime Minister and their joint chiefs about the Stargate, who knows they may even, share some of the costs.  Third, dual citizenship with England and military training in whatever I choose," Harry said as he looked at the President directly.

"Ok, but my counterpart isn't going to like this.  I have one request you join the SGC and SG-1, specifically, and help develop new equipment to arm our teams going off world," the President spoke to Harry.

"I have given an unbreakable oath to not interfere till I have too…wait till you discovered how to use the Stargate.  I promised to help the Tau'ri take to the stars…I will pledge support, loyalty, and defense of Earth.  I will also join the SGC and SG-1 if they want me, but I wish to be allowed to continue my own research…for now at least" Harry stated to the group while waiting on a response.

"Agreed, the oath" the President said as Harry stood and raised his right hand.

"I, Aindreas Harry James Potter-Black, so swear on my life and magic my  support, loyalty and defense to the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and to Earth," Harry said as he finished a bright white light pulsed around Harry surrounding him and then fading into his body, binding him to the oath's conditions that he stated.

"What was that," O'Neal asked rubbing his eyes from the bright light.

"The magical energy manifesting itself visibly, binding me to my pledge," Harry said as he sat back down.

 "What happens if you don't live up to or break your oath," General Hammond asked?

"I die," was Harry's response to the simple question as shocked looks came across people's faces.

"Ok, now that it has been established that you're from Earth.  How did you find your way to Chulak," Colonel Kennedy asked another obvious question of Harry.

"I have amnesty for any past activities, right" Harry asked as he looked at the image of the President.

Sighing the President respond "Yes, I hereby grant you a pardon for any of your past crimes or illegal activity."

As Harry explained how his ancestors left him with some relics that could detect and monitor for Stargate activity, as well as some other things.  Harry knew when the gate was first activated and hacked into the computers and phone lines to monitor the activity.  How afterwards he used his magical abilities to get though security and set up specially built cameras and microphones to monitor for any future activity.  When the relics picked up the second activation and Aphesis' activity and that they were going to send a team through Harry decide to join said team and followed through the gate from Abydos to Earth to Chulak.

"I can and will with permission set up wards that will repel magicals and other wards, or you could ask you American counterpart to make this area off limits to unauthorized magical beings" Harry suggested to the President who said

"Agreed, but you set these wards up around the SGC complex and Area 51.  I'll ask that the areas be off limits to magical from my counterpart."

There was some more talking and explanation on the wizarding world was done.  The paperwork that needed to be done for Teal'c to become citizens of the U.S., and then it was discovered Kawalsky.  

"We can't remove the Goa'uld without killing or paralyzing you, Major" the Chief Doctor said as Harry entered the infirmary to see the major strapped down to a weird contraption. 

"I can and when the time comes Daniel, I'll help Skaa'ra and Sha're, as well" Harry announced to the skepticism of the Doctors,

"How" the doctor asked.

"If you allow me to take him to my base, my materials are there.  I'll even bring the Goa'uld back to study" Harry said as everyone considered this,

"Do it, just get this thing out of me" Kawalsky yelled anxious to get this larva thing out of him.

"I will, but I won't reveal my base, so if you will allow me to remove the memories of your time there or put you in what is known as a healing coma, for the time…" Harry said only to be interrupted by Kawalsky,

"Do it, anything! Knock me out, I don't care." 

The arrangements were made to move Kawalsky and Harry had retrieved a potion to help Kawalsky.

"Here drink this," Harry said handing the potion to Kawalsky.

"What is it" O'Neal asked as he looked at the stuff in the vile.

"Draught of living death" Harry said as a matter of faculty.

"Wait a minute" O'Neal said taking the stuff from Kawalsky.

"You want to kill him or something" O'Neal said, "No, it puts the person into a very deep almost death like state.  I have an antidote; you're just going to have to trust me," Harry said taking the potion from O'Neal and handing it to Kawalsky, but the Goa'uld was fighting to keep him from taking the potion.

"Fine be that way," Harry said waving his hand as he said "Stupefy…Immobiles" as a jet of red light and hit Kawalsky and he fell over unconscious and immobile.

"Don't worry he's only unconscious and can't move," as Harry pulled out a book and said "Portus" the book glowed briefly.  As he grabbed hold of Kawalsky, "We'll be back in three hours, Freedom," Harry said as he activated the portkey and him and Kawalsky vanished to Camelot.  Where Harry went about creating a tank with a continues current flowing to house the Goa'uld symbiote.  Then using a targeted transporter he had Camelot lock onto the Goa'uld and transport it to tank.

Three hours later,

 Harry and Kawalsky returned to the infirmary with a still unconscious Kawalsky and a tank with the Goa'uld.

"Inverte," Harry said as he waved his hand and woke Kawalsky up.

"The thing is it gone" Kawalsky asked of Harry.  "Yes," Harry stepped out of the way so Kawalsky could see the tank with the Goa'uld inside.  Harry then went to levitate the tank onto a table as O'Neal and Jackson came in to check on his friend.

"This is amazing" Carter said as she looked at the design of the tank.  The doctor went to check on Kawalsky's health and General Hammond on his officer.  Meanwhile the snake like parasite was his and shrieking.  "Oh shut up" Harry hissed at the tank with the Goa'uld who quickly quieted down as everyone looked at Harry in surprise.

"What I'm a parse mouth," Harry said shrugged his shoulders.

"A what," O'Neal asked as Harry rolled his eyes at the ceiling.

"A parsel mouth is someone who can speak the langue of parseltongue or snake speech.  I can communicate with snakes; I can't fully understand the Goa'uld's dialect, yet.  But it's defiantly similar, if given time I could learn the language," Harry informed the group of assembled people.

"Do so" ordered General Hammond before adding, "Find out everything you can.  We'll set you up a secure office/lab. That you can work in," Harry nodded is understanding and said "Yes sir."

After quitting work at the UC Berkley,

 Harry started working at the SGC and for the two weeks, Harry was busy was busy setting up wards around the mountain complex and finding out what he could from the Goa'uld snake.  He commuted back and forth from Camelot of an evening. At first he was just a part-time team member of SG-1, picking and choosing which missions he wanted or was an extra hand on the missions if the team needed it.

 "General Hammond, you wanted to see me, sir," Harry said as he came to a stop in front of the conference table in the debriefing room.  The entire team of SG-1 was there and a tele-conference set up with the President, Joint Chiefs, and the Prime Minister of England and his Joint Chiefs.

"Yes, there are some people that would like to talk to you," General Hammond said motioning to the monitors and made the introductions.  General Hammond and Harry then sat down at the conference table.

"Dr. Potter-Black, it has come to my attention that you are a subject of the queen and because of this and your request that we are informed of this Stargate and its capabilities and threat are the reason we are having this conference," The Prime Minister said choosing his words carefully.

"Yes, and until 1998 I was an active member in the British Wizarding World," Harry said to add to the point.

"I am Aindreas 'Harry' James Potter-Black, Lord Potter-Black in the Wizarding circles of Great Britain," Harry said as he watched the Prime Ministers reaction.

"I see you've heard of me," was Harry's reply.

"Yes, my counter-part Minister Bones as been very compliant in answering all my questions of this hidden world and how it runs, and is very good at working with my government, better than years in past according to reports left by other ministers" the Prime Minister said as the picture in his office behind him moved to get away.

"Damn it," Harry said out loud seeing the picture move.

"Pardon me, what was that for," the Prime Minister said as he was shocked by the language.

"You're in your office aren't you Prime Minister," Harry asked of the PM.

"Why, yes I am," the Prime Minister confirmed

"My apologies, sir but have you ever wondered how the minister of magic knows you're in the office.  Well it's because they have it bugged so to speak.  That portrait behind you is a magical portrait and has probably or will probably inform the minister of magic that I am alive."  Harry said as he put his face in his hands and the Prime Minister and military chiefs of staff turned to look at the indicated portrait.

"Not to mention that it will probably tell that I broke part of the statue of secrecy," that comment caused the picture to get angry and change a shade of red before leaving its frame for the counter in the minister of magic's office.

"Don't worry Dr. Potter-Black, Harry we will protect you it seems your too valuable where you are," the Prime Minister said as sure enough there was a *whoosh* heard and out stepped the minister of magic, Amelia Bones from the Prime Ministers fireplace.

"Madam Bones, please have a seat," the Prime Minister stood up to greet her as Harry gulped in fear.  A women with blonde hair and a touch of grey sat down in a seat and looked at the weird set up and at the people in the White House and SGC.

"What's this thing…Harry Potter is that really you, where's your scar?" Madam Bones asked as she saw the man with emerald green eyes, short messy black hair and no scar.

"Yes, Madam Bones…it's me," Harry said as he watched her expression change to one of fury.

"I'm sorry ma'am I had to get out of the wizarding world.  Plastic surgery covered the scar, ma'am, and a muggle healing technique.  It's a long story short version when I turned eighteen I came into inheritance that was previously unknown, best ask to see Chief Ragnoc of the goblin nation for the entire story," Harry informed Minister Bones of the last the last twelve years of his life in the muggle world.

"Can we get back to the subject, now," the President asked, Harry shook his head yes and began his story from his point of view, from his parents murder, to living with the Dursley's, to finding out he was a Wizard, Hogwarts years, manipulations, dementors sent to kill him, betrayals by friends, and then his inheritance at eighteen, the mounting pressure to be the hero, love potions and compulsions, greed and theft, the bloody prophecy and then facing and defeating Voldemort.

"So you see sirs and ma'am why starting a new life was so appealing to me" Harry said as he ended his story.

"Yes, Lord Po…Dr. Potter-Black, we do see and probably would have taken the chance to leave to" the Prime Minister said as he looked at Minister Bones.

"The Prime Ministers right, Harry…Dr. Potter-Black, if I had just known half of the things you were put through then I would have done something about it." Amelia Bones said as she was angry with herself for not looking deeper into the problem.

"My counterpart and I agreed to have seven SAS teams chosen to be stationed at the SGC, cost will be split between the two countries and the offer that you made previously will be accepted" the President stated as Harry interrupted, "All I ask is to keep enough to live on and any discoveries I make I get credit for whenever this becomes public knowledge, and patent rights."

"Agreed, Dr. Potter-Black, but you will go through Special Forces training and flight training, as well." the President said as the decision was made and a special account was set up and orders for the armor for the SGC personnel, were made.

"Yes, then you will be commissioned in the Royal Air Force as a Flight LT and official liaison to the SGC, right now your acting liaison and an officer cadet.  When you're not on duty in your capacity as a scientist or off world, then you can be training," the Prime Minister said as he went over the training that Harry would receive at the Air Force Academy, and Peterson Air Force base or Cheyenne Mountain Air Station. 

Then the group filled in the Magical Minister of England on the Stargate and the threat to Earth.  While the President agreed to fill in his counterpart on the SGC facility and why it was off limits to non-authorized magicals in the area.

Harry got into contact with Ragnoc to set up the accounts and transfer the funds, also to let him know that Minister Bones would be in contact with him soon about the nature of his inheritance and the magical world true origins.

Harry bought some land some 1000 acres, close to the Air Station.  Harry then worked to have it warded against intruders and everybody not on a special list, unplottable and a modified version of the fidelieas charm put on the land, anti-portkey and apparition.  Harry then worked with a goblin architect and builder, to build a five story log cabin, built into the side of a hill. Two levels in front would be exposed, a third in back and the fourth underground. 

Backwards in time,

While Harry had gone back in time, again, for four years to receive all the UK Special Forces and RAF cadet school training out of the way.  Harry graduated from two years Sandhurst Academy and then RAF-Cranwell officers training after 32 weeks or approximately 8months learning to fly a jets and helicopters that the RAF possessed and finally he spent the next two years in continues training skills in Halo, parachuting, hand to hand combat, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, medical, and rescue, everything he could be trained for.

Finally, he was a commissioned Flight Lt in the RAF Special Forces division and made the official British liaison officer to the SGC. Luckily before going Harry took a de-aging potion and now that he was back only looked 22, when he had looked thirty.

Harry had also used the Goblin Memory learning system finally to learn how to learning intermediate and advanced dueling techniques, yoga techniques, archery, and fencing. swim, horse-back riding, martial arts techniques from around the world-armed and unarmed- Then Harry began to study the memory strands for broadsword fighting technique, wrestling, and boxing techniques and martial arts techniques- three nights per fighting style- first T'ai Chi, and Kung Fu, and Qigong-Chinese martial arts- spending three nights on each subject to learn the basic, intermediate and advanced techniques.  Next Japanese martial arts techniques- weaponry fighting- Kendo (Swordsmanship), Jujitsu, Katana (Swordsmanship), Kenjutsu, Kyudo (Archery), Battojutsu, Nagimetajutsu, Sojutsu (Spear fighting), unarmed fighting-Ninjutsu, Judo, Aikido, Karate, and next the

Korean martial arts techniques-unarmed-Taekwondo, and Hapkido, Burmese martial art-Bando Thaing, Brazilian martial art-Jiu Jitsu, and finally learning Indian martial arts-of unarmed various wrestling techniques, Kalaripayattu (weapons and unarmed), Gatka (Staff or Bo fighting), and finally Thang-ta (Sword and Spear).  Learning these fighting styles took the rest of June and the first week of July to learn the various techniques.  As for getting the traditional weapons, they would appear is a training/gym room. 

Harry also used the time to learn Egyptian hieroglyphs, Ancient Egyptian, Latin, Classical and modern Greek, French, German, Russian, and other languages of the world, modern and ancient speech and writing, as well as, mythology from around the world.


The day soon came on August 15th 2002,

 Harry joined the team on their first mission together as a team of five to the world of P3X-797. 

"Here you'll need these" O'Neal says as he hands the thermal night vision goggles to Daniel and Harry.

"Put these on" O'Neal adds after handing the goggles out.

"Doesn't look like my prescription" Jackson says sarcastically.

"Thermal night vision goggles" Carter explains as a way of explanation of needing the goggles.

"Thanks, but don't need them" Harry says handing his back to the supply officer with O'Neal stating, "Why not?"

"Contacts" Harry said as he took his right hand and quickly took out a contact lens, "My own creation, charmed to protect against sun's harmful rays, night vision, thermal vision, binocular/telescoping vision, mage sight and aura sight and well x-ray vision" Harry said the last bit with a cough.

"What was that last part didn't quite here you" O'Neal says as Carter looks interested as well.

"X-ray vision, I can see through walls and stuff" Harry says as he puts it back in his right eye.

"I'd say cool, but won't they fall out" Carter said as she looked at Harry's eye trying to see them.

"Can't charm to stay in as long as I want and stay wet and not dry out, and no I'm afraid for right now they only work for magic users." Harry explained to O'Neal, Jackson, and Carter.

Harry was now dressed in BDU's similar in style to the SGC personnel.  He wore a muscle shirt, breastplate armor, green jacket and vest, cargo pants green, his black boots and knee and shin guards.  His gauntlet/bracer out in open over his left sleeve, on his left arm, and pistol and compression staff/pike, made of solid naquadah and coated in mirthil, extra clips and caps and a regular projectile.

The team goes through the Stargate to the planet of the touched and untouched, only to be attacked as they come through the Stargate, by primitive peoples, only to learn that the Goa'uld have not been to the planet in a generation.  Learning the Goa'uld have lost interests in the peoples of the world Colonel O'Neal makes the lead position to head back through the gate to the SGC. 

"Find anything" General Hammond asks the team as they had just walked the ramp from the Stargate.

"Uh, no sir" O'Neal responds messing with his bandage.

"Yes sir, actually we find oh hell of 'a lot sir" Jackson says upset that they left so early.

"Some beautiful day core, nice folks, nothing of strategic value" O'Neal elaborates on his previous statement.

"Alright get cleaned up, debriefing in thirty minutes" General Hammond ordered as the group moved out

Half hour later in the debriefing room and Daniel's vocal about having stayed longer.  With the science verses military argument, with Dr. Jackson winning the debate as the President and Prime Minister want the scientific and cultural value of the people meet and worlds they visit to be taken into effect.  Only the debriefing is interrupted by LT. Johnson going nuts and challenging Teal'c to a fight.



Everyone turns to see a fight going on in the debriefing/conference room, then the two men falling through the glass window.

"We need medics' section C stat, two men down," Carter says into the phone as she scratches her neck.

Harry opens his locker door after a shower taking out a shirt and turns to put it on as his locker door is slammed shut.  Harry quickly turns to see Carter looking at him as he senses her erotic thoughts about him.

"Carter…uh sorry didn't know you were in here," Harry says pulling on his shirt as she grabs him and pulls him into a kiss.

"What…hey what's going on," Harry states as he looks into Carter's wild eyes.

"I want you," Sam says pulling him back into a kiss.

"Why…I mean NO, Carter," Harry says as he adds, "Something's wrong," as she kisses him and knocks him to the bench as she gets on top of him.

"You want me?" Carter asks in between kissing him.

"NO…I mean not like this," Carter leans in for another kiss.

"Carter what's gotten into you," Harry yells in between forceful kisses as Harry roles them over, off the bench as he's now on top.

"About time you saw a doctor," Harry whispers as he channels a wandless stupefy into the back of Carter's neck.

Harry then picks Sam up and carries her to the infirmary.

"What's going on," says the new doctor, a cute petite brunette with brown eyes.

"She attacked me, I had to stupefy…knock her out to bring her here," Harry explains as he lays Carter down on a bed and they put restraints on her as Harry cancels the spell and Sam immediately begins to struggle.

"Keep her from hurting, herself," the doc says as she holds down her left ankle, "until the sedative takes effect," the doc then walks over to Harry.

"This pretty much what Johnson has?"  Harry asks as he looks at Carter.

"Oh…I'd say so and any other members of the team.  This is the strangest thing I've ever seen…well medically.  Come take a look," the doc says as she takes Harry on a tour and walking out of the ward and down the hall as she says, "We converted deph con 1 living chambers into isolation compartments from when this place was a missile silo.  You never know what you're going to bring back through the stargate," the doc says opening a panel window in a door.  Harry looks inside to see LT. Johnson acting like an animal.

"Notice the swelling of the brow ridge; some are even developing new follicle growth," The doc says as she points out the areas.

"Any idea what's causing it," Harry asks of the doc.

"Wish I knew, got calls into every specialist in the service, but I got one hand tied behind my back because of the need to know classification of the Stargate and its spreading, we got two more in an hour later," the doc points says as they walk further down the hall to the next room to see another soldier beating himself against the wall.

"I've never seen a behavioral disorder like this.  All the victims are acting like animals," the doc says.

"You think Sam has the same thing," Harry says turning his head to look at the doc.

"Hmmmm…the behavior fits.  All the victims are behaving like primitives.  Most female low level primates…tend to choose their sexual partners according to who can give them the strongest offspring.  Leaders of the pack or tribe are usually the prime choice.  You should be flattered," the doc finished saying as they walked back down the hall.

"Oh, yeah I'm honored.  That doesn't explain me though.  O'Neal, yes, but not me, feels like sixth year all over again," Harry said to the doc muttering the last part.

"What was that about sixth year," asks the doc looking at Harry as they were now standing in an empty corridor looking at each other.

"Nothing, it's just that witch's used to pick their partners, do to magical strength before the whole wizarding world went patriarchal and marriage contracts became standard practice.  Supposedly, they were drawn to a certain Alpha male magic matching up magic and all, some think the end of the matriarchal choosing led to the decline in magical pure-blood and rise of the muggle-borns magicals, and led to squibs.  Personally I think it was the inbreeding that and isolated magical community forced itself into, but that's my opinion."

"That doesn't answer my question about sixth year, but it was informative insight," the doc says, "and…speaking from a woman's perspective your young, healthy, handsome, smart, strong and capable of taking on more than one attacker and subduing them," the brunette doctor stood looking at each other.

"How would you know…" Harry looked at the doc who blushed.

"Saw you go hand to hand with some marines, Colonel O'Neal and Mr. Teal'c in hand to hand defense training last week, Carter saw this too," the doc replied continuing with "Your as I stated younger, top physical condition for any male at any age…even better than some of the most dedicated soldiers.  That and you have special abilities that increase chance of survival,"

"Doc, are you flirting with me," Harry asked stunned sensing an interest in him from the petite doctor.

"Possibly…Why," the doc responded.

"No reason…just wondering," Harry said with a rogue grin on his face as the two separated.


"Oh… Jack, Dreas…I've been doing some research on the internet on Austro LaPithicus and wow" Daniel says as he finally looks up at Dreas.

"Wow…what happened to you" Daniel asks as he looks at Harry and the tear in his shirt.

"Ah…I got into a little wrestling match with Sam" Harry answered as he continued to rub at his shoulder.

"Why" Daniel asked bewildered.

"I guess she has whatever Johnson got.  Had to drag her off to the infirmary" Harry said as a way of explanation.

"She started a fight with you like Johnson did with Teal'c" Daniel asked curiously.

"No, she…ah…she tried to seduce me" Harry says.

"Oh, you poor man" Daniel says wanting to laugh at the situation, while Jack does laugh.

"No…it was like that…she was like a wild animal she was nut" Harry explains.

"Well, is she alright" Daniel asks concerned, "I should go see her."

"Why," Harry asked getting agitated with Daniels concern.

"Why, because I care about her" Daniel makes the mistake of saying while turning from Harry as he grabs him by the shirt.

"You care about her what's that suppose to mean," Harry says as the computer consoles begin to smoke.

"It means I care about Sam, she's my friend" *popping* sounds in the vicinity "Now let go." Daniel says worriedly.

"She's not yours to care about" Harry says.

"What the hell are you talking about" Daniel asks.

"I'm talking about Samantha, you just stay away from here," Harry says his irises glowing.

"Ok, Dreas I think you need to come with us to the infirmary" as the Stargate began to dial charging with energy and computers caught fire and exploded. 

 "Just let go of me and…"Daniel asks.

"I'll let go of you alright" Harry says as he sends a banishing hex at Daniel knocking him into something's and into the staircase, his hand charging with electricity jumping from his fingers to fingers.  Harry runs at Daniel and begins to punch him repeatedly, before some airman come in and drag him off kicking and screaming.


Chapter 3 by nightwriter84

General Disclaimer: I do not own any of the franchises portrayed in these stories. This is for pure fun.

To all my reviewers, thank you for your comments and encouragement.  To others this is just for FUN don't take errors so critically, thank you.

Totally AU in areas and if anyone would like to Beta read the story, and then let me know.

Want to apologize to any Brits that read this story I am American and not military so am going by estimation of time and research into the UK military.

Chapter 3---

Harry is locked away in an isolation chamber without furniture as his magic was becoming uncontrollable. 

*Screeching* Harry screams as he knocks himself into the door of his containment unit.  The window opens as O'Neal, Frasier, Teal'c and Jackson look in.

"He's going to hurt himself" Teal'c says to the doctor.

"I've been pumping him with sedatives, to control him, but they wear off faster than with the others.  Help me give him some more", Frasier says as the guard unlocks the door, "Let's go." She says as the door opens and the three men rush in to subdue Harry as he lunges at them and doc Frasier injects him with sedatives as he screams and then collapses.  The group lower Harry to the ground.

O'Neal becomes infected as well, so only Teal'c and Jackson go through the gate to the touched world.

"Sorry, Harry but your private room just became semi-private room," the doc says as we see Colonel O'Neal brought in with a straight Jacket on and sat on the floor.

"I'm running out of places for the victims.  We've used the temp quarters, the brig, some of the storage rooms," Frasier said with hands on her hips shaking her head she begins to walk out when Harry says in a raspy voice "doc" Frasier turns around, "did you say something?"

Harry holds out his arm to Frasier "give more."

"Give more what," she asks Harry to explain.

Harry just holds out his arm again. "What an injection," Frasier says as she kneels down in front of Harry.

"You mean you want more sedative" Frasier asks, "You've already had more than the maxima safe dose" Frasier says shaking her head no, "No it's not safe."

"Core…protect…give" Harry assures her, "Give…give"

"Why are you so insistent and what do you mean core will protect," she shakes her head an gestures to the medic behind her as Harry hands out his arm prepping the arm with an alcohol swab, then giving the shot.  Harry watches her as she injects him and his head lulls, like he's fallen asleep.

"Must have been in a lot of pain" she says to herself and gets up to leave.

"Doooc" Harry says more clearly, now.

"Harry, LT. are you in there," Frasier asks, "Me" Harry responds as he points to himself.

"So you are still in their somewhere" Frasier says astonished at this discovery.

"D…Dr…Dre…Dream" Harry says as he tries to talk straight.

"I'm afraid not, LT it's very real.  This is interesting enough sedative must knock back the primitive mind," Harry shakes his head yes in response to her talking to herself, "LT, listen to me I am not going to be able to keep you at this level very long it is too dangerous it could cause permanent brain damage," Frasier said looking at Harry's eyes.

"What…is…it" Harry asks stuttering over the words.

"It's a parasitic virus and all we can tell is it seems to mess with the chemicals in the body.  All of them!" Frasier says.

"Experiment…on…me" Harry says.

"Experiment on you, no, LT, I can't do that" Frasier says shaking her head as Harry reaches out to touch her face with his fingers, "Please."


Teal'c goes to see Jack and Harry when he returns, explaining to O'Neal about losing Daniel on the dark side of the plagued planet.  When the doors open and Doc. Frasier enters in "LT, Colonel I think I have the answer," as she explains the idea that she had, and how the people of the planet had very little histamine in their blood, then wanting to try adding antihistamine to starve out the virus.  Adding the antihistamine to Harry's IV, then to Jack's all that was left to do was wait. 

After waiting for some time to discover that the antidote worked.  The group of SG-1 gets ready to return to the planet as the doc explains about the tranquilizer field with the cure.  The team goes through and tranq's the touched.  They find Daniel and take him to the light side of the planet as they explain they had found a cure.  The group tries to explain as they wait for Jackson to awake. Daniel wakes up and takes the group to the edge of the dark side of the planet and they are re-united with their family members.

On the way back to the city Sam approaches Harry, "Uh Harry."

"Yeah," Harry asks as thinks of what Sam could want.

"About my earlier behavior…I wasn't myself," Sam says as she looks at the ground.

"Oh Sam, I don't even remember your earlier behavior" Harry said as he waved her off.

"You don't" Sam said startled not knowing whether to be glad or disappointed.

"No I was infected to, remember," Harry said as he teased Sam as they walked back to the town.

"Right, good I'm glad" Sam said.

"By the way how's the wound" Harry asked as they continued walking?

 "Wound" Sam asked surprised that Harry knew

"Understand you got stabbed in the stomach," Harry informed Sam.

"Oh…yeah, with any luck there won't even be a scar" Sam said self-consciously

"Good, if it doesn't heal properly…you'll never where that little tank top number, again" Harry said with a smile as he had left Sam standing speechless as he continued on.

Six months later,

6 months after the program was started---

Six months physical were due and it was Harry's turn so he headed to the infirmary where he found doc Frasier, walking up to her "I was told to report for the six month physicals."

"Right, welcome back.  How was England?" Frasier asked as she led Harry to a private exam room.

"Great, was able to see some family and friends that I hadn't seen in years and the weather was actually nice for once. Also managed to scrounge you up some help from some RAF docs and nurses, as well as new patients to terrorize," Harry said as the two enter the exam room, "Thanks we could use the help, and haha! Very funny, well that's always a plus, need you to strip to your boxers and put these on," doc Frasier says as she hands a medical gown to Harry and leaves so he can change it some shorts and the gown.  She comes back a few minutes later as Harry has finished, then runs some basic tests, eye exam, hearing, draws blood, height, weight were checked and noted in a chart.

"How did you get all these scars, and don't say you were a clumsy kid" doc Frasier asked as she wanted the truth from here patient.

"Truth is my relatives hated my presence and tried to beat the freakishness out of me, the magic.  My parents were killed when I was 15 months old by an insane terrorist that tried to kill me, instead left me with a scar on my fore-head that made me famous in the magical world for something I can't remember. I learn of said world at eleven disappear to boarding school for magical children in Scotland for six fantastic years of danger that's when I'm not spending a boring summer doing slave labor for my relatives, then have to quit to prepare to face my worst enemy that killed my parents for the final time with a duel that ends with either his death or mine all according to a prophecy that's made a month before my birth.  That's the short story, doc.  Long version will cost you two bottles of twelve year old fire whiskey," Harry said as he ends his tell and looks at a doctor who looks ready to kill some people.

"I'm sorry I asked.  Last thing I wanted to do was bring up bad memories," the Frasier says as a way of an apology while Harry just shrugs his shoulders,

"You didn't know and I left that behind me," Harry said giving her his best smile to try and get her to believe he's ok, but she doesn't by it,

"LT, I don't buy it and would like you to see a psychiatrist for any lingering post traumatic effects or to just have someone to talk to," the brunette says arching her left eyebrow at him.

"I want a stress test, updated x-rays, and MRI and CAT scan as I'm curious about that magic ability," doc says as she writes down the orders in his charts.

"Is that all your interest in" Harry says as he gives her a knowing look and smile before saying as he holds up his hands in surrender, "I'm Joking and if you really want me to talk to a shrink, then I will so long as you can find one that knows about magic and the recent history of the Wizarding Britain." Harry says challenging her.

"Deal," she says as she leaves and Harry gets ready for his tests.

Five hours later,

She was going over the results of Harry's medical tests in her office, when there was a knock on her door

"Enter," Frasier calls out not looking up from what she was reading.

"Anything interesting," Harry says startling the doc into looking up into his green eyes as he looked into hers as he was leaning over her desk.

"Quite, fascinating actually," she whispers as she feels the heat rise in her cheeks.

"Well do I get a clean bill of health" Harry asks looking down seeing his name.

"Yes, you're in remarkable health for any man, above average in all your tests.  There are some genetic and physiological anomalies, but seeing as you have special abilities that could account for the difference in the genetics and brain wave patterns.  I would have to have blood samples from others of your kind to confirm my findings. Could also explain why you were more stable than the others who came down with that virus," the doc says as a matter of fact.

"Really, told you it was my core, protecting me," Harry says as he explains to a confused Frasier.

"About this core you mention what is it exactly," Frasier asked as harry stood straight and walked to the couch she had in her office.

"Know ones tried to define it.  For those that know the mind arts they and any magical can learn to look within themselves for their core, mainly through meditation of one form or another, either by looking for it or coming across it naturally.  It's a bright ball of energy that at least is the shape it mostly takes form, of varying sizes.  It's what we magicals draw are energy from, it heals us, maintains our life and increases our life expectancy, allows us to do what appears to be magic to everyone else," Harry finishes as he looks at Frasier who ponders over what he has said.

"So this bright ball or core you talk about could actually be a representation of your brain as that's where the increased activity is.  Nearly 70% activity that shouldn't actually be there" Frasier says as she tells what the brain scan shows as she shows him pictures of his brain waive and active areas of the brain versus the inactive parts of the human brain.

"Its evolution, doc, the magical beings on Earth our more evolutionary advanced than the normal human, whether through natural occurrence of interference" Harry says as he watches her for any reactions.

"You think the Goa'uld experiment with humans, of course, a super host would be a benefit to the Goa'uld," Frasier says as she hit upon the idea that the magicals had their so called magic do to experimentation by Goa'uld.

The Torment of Tantalus-episode---

The decision was made to retrieve Dr. Ernest Littlefield from the world he went to in 1945.  The team walks up to the ramp Teal'c going through first, the malp, Carter and then Harry going first and then followed by Jackson holding onto Catherine and O'Neal on the other side of Catherine. "Ready," O'Neal asks as they step through the gate.

On the other side of the gate---

"You ok," Jackson asks of Catherine, "a piece of cake" she replies.

"Boy is it hot in here," Jackson comments as he unzips his jacket.

 "I know," O'Neal replies as he looks around the room as creaking is heard as dust falls.

"Anyone sees a way out of here" O'Neal asks as he scans the room Teal'c passes by him, "There appears to be only two doorways," Teal'c says.

"Oh my," Carter says turning her head to the side as there is a nude man in the second doorway.

"Oh for crying out loud," O'Neal says as he comes down the steps.

"Dr. Littlefield," Jackson asks of the man? "Ernest" Jackson calls out.

"Hello, I'm Daniel Jackson and we just came through the Stargate," Daniel says pointing in the direction of the gate.

"Yes, that thing" Daniel nodded.

Harry could feel it this place was built by his ancestors.  Harry went to work on the repository of universal knowledge of the four races.

"Harry we need your help" O'Neal said as he, Sam, Teal'c and Catherine entered the room.

"The dial home device it just fell it into the sea," was O'Neal's answer.

"Ok, so you need the power source from this book," Harry asked when O'Neal looked at him, "No we need your magical energy."

"Oh, Ok…" Harry said getting up to head toward the gate room.

Jack had to drag Jackson away from 'the book' of the four races.

When they got to the gate room Harry said, "Now what?"

"I don't know get mad or something, last time you did that the energy you gave off was absorbed by the gate and turned the gate on," O'Neal yelled at the Harry over the lightening.  Harry stood in front of the gate as he concentrated on the feel of his magic and the feeling of the anger as he felt helpless and hurt so many times things falling down and around him.  To everyone watching Harry began to glow with a golden white aura as there became a static charge in the air and Harry thrust his hands out at the gate opening his glowing eyes, as white hot electricity raced at the gate charging it and then Harry thought of home and the gate dialed the address for Earth.  Harry collapsed as the last chevron coded and a wormhole was established.

"Come on let's go," O'Neal said as he and Teal'c picked Harry up as he was unconscious. Catherine, Ernest, Sam and Daniel went through the gate followed by Jack, Harry and Teal'c.

Three hours later,

In the infirmary Harry wakes up with a splitting head ache, as is hand goes up to grasp it.  

"How are you feeling," Janet asks from his side as he opens his eyes to look at her and Sam. 

 "Like a lorry ran me over," Harry said joking weakly.

"I'm not surprised whatever you did depleted your electrolytes, potassium…" Janet said as Harry held up his hand.

"My energy was depleted in other words" Harry said as he looked to the two women.

"Yes, severely, whatever you did to charge the gate doesn't do it again," Janet said shaking her head disapprovingly.  Harry smiled, "Hey, doc you have any kin England or the magical world."

"No…why," Janet asked confused by the question, "Oh, no reason you just sound like the school nurse at my boarding school," Harry smiled through weakly as Janet just handed him some aspirin and water.

"I take it that means you'll be trouble and I should reserve a bed for you," said jokingly back as she had read his medical file from his childhood and the file that Madam Pomphrey kept with her medical notes from his time at school.

Doctor Frasier had Harry stay overnight to make sure he was truly ok, before she released him the next morning.  While on bed rest for the night Harry linked his mind with the cloaked Avalon and had it go to planet Heliopolis.  In order to retrieve the 'book' the four races left behind and put it in storage.


"Without killing Teal'c" Jackson says leaning forward at the conference table.

"Well I guess the boys at Langley, won't get to study another Goa'uld, just yet," General Hammond announced before looking to Harry, "LT. is there any potions that might replicate the effect of an immune system."

"Not that I'm aware of, but I'm not a potions expert," was Harry's answer to the group.

"It is still possible to get a Goa'uld larva," Teal'c says as he looks at General Hammond.

"Teal'c you can't, you don't have an immune system without your Goa'uld.  We can't play with your life like that," Carter says insisted that they wouldn't risk his life.

"There are many hundreds of Goa'uld larva's on Chulak," Teal'c says as he offers another way to get a larva form Goa'uld.

"Chulak," General Hammond says astonished.

"Jah, right," O'Neal says before adding "You're kidding right."

"Yeah, Teal'c if you recall the last time we were there we had to shoot are way out," Jackson adds to the discussion.

"It's out of the question," General Hammond says to the group as his final answer.

"Then I will speak no further," Teal'c says as he gets up to leave the room.

"Lt. is there any way to get a hold of a potions expert to try and discover a potion that will substitute an immune system for Teal'c," General Hammond asks of LT. Potter-Black.

Harry begins to think it over, "If only we had a philosopher's stone, we could create the elixir of life, but the last was destroyed when I was eleven…unless we could try to go back in time I could get the stone and replaced it with a copy, but the Flamels were the original owners, but we could offer them a way to jump forward into the future and work here as an alchemist and potions master," Harry says as he makes the suggestion to the General.

"Do it," the General ordered, "Yes, sir" Harry responded as he hurried to get out of the mountain complex and get to his home a few miles off base.  Where he then ported to Camelot and set the time machine up to head back to the first of July of the year 1991.

Harry went to the Flamels and spoke of the situation he was in and what they could to help, they agreed to let their stone be used to free these Jaffa and work for this SGC as experts in potions and Alchemy.

"As Dumbledore ever seen the stone" Harry asked of Nicholas and Perenelle

"No, he has not.  Why he would say we would give it to him is beyond me," Nick as he preferred to be called said greatly disappointed in Dumbledore.

"Albus has always had to be the champion of anything he has ever done," Perenelle said as away to explain Dumbledore's actions.

The three went to the bank and got the real stone out of the highest security vault and replaced it with an ordinary ruby.  The true color of the stone was and emerald green and rectangular shaped and inch thick by four inches long.

Harry made the jump to the end of the year and picked up the Flamels and took them to the future, after altering their DNA to that of full Alteran.

SG-1 goes undercover as priests of Apophis court come to Chulak with a serpent guard escort.  They were stopped at the steps of the Stargate by a priest, but managed to bluff their way through and change clothes in the forests into their regular gear.  Sg-1 made it to Teal'c's old home only to find it destroyed.  Where they run into Master Bra'tac, "Who are they?"

"They are friends," Teal'c tells Bra'tac as he begins to introduce the team.

"Colonel O'Neal, Capt. Carter, LT. Potter-Black, and Dr. Daniel Jackson, warriors of great skill and cunning."

 Bra'tac inspects each of them as he says "You were among the warriors that defeated the palace guards, a woman, and you I could snap you like kindling, but you, now you are a warrior, Lt. Jameson, you have seen many a battle and survived to tell the tales."

The team then splits up Teal'c, Bra'tac, O'Neal and Harry went to find Teal'c's son and wife.  While Sam and Daniel went back towards the gate only to take a de-tour to pick up a Goa'uld larva after seeing a precession of priests and priestess or attendants.

Harry, Teal'c, Bra'tac and O'Neal they headed south to the nearest camp of outcasts.  Teal'c ran to the implantation tent ceremony to stop the priest from implanting his son with a larva.  As O'Neal, Harry, and Bra'tac made their way to the tent as well. As O'Neal and Bra'tac moved the priest's body into the woods.  Teal'c and his wife argued over their son's future.

"Here let me, Teal'c I can heal long enough to get to the Stargate," Harry said as he scanned Ry'ac with his bracer gauntlet and the computer shows that the boy has scarlet fever.  Harry concentrates and closes his eyes as his hands begin to glow and Harry temporarily starts the young boys immune system again, "If I can get him back to my base, then I can save him, but only so long as he has not become dependent on a Goa'uld larva." 

Harry says as he looks at Teal'c and his wife as she asks "Are you a god?"

"No, the Goa'ulds are false gods, I am only a man," Harry says as the two others return.

"What's taken so long," O'Neal asks as he's ready to leave.

"Had to heal the boy of scarlet fever, he's safe for now, but we need to get him back through the gate," Harry said as Teal'c picked up his son and the group made their way to the meeting point.  Where they waited for Carter and Jackson then headed back toward the gate, they had to yet again fight their way past two priests and a single guard to the Stargate as Bra'tac stayed behind to help find others to fight the Goa'uld.

Back at the SGC Ry'ac was given a clean bill of health, but had to have the pouch removed as it prevent an immune system from forming and acted like the immune system till a Goa'uld larva was implanted and took over the process.  The boy at to take a daily regimen of the elixir of life to counteract the loss of an immune system and jump start the boys natural defenses it would take two or three generations, until the Jaffa would have the immune system they should normally have.  Harry had to jump start the genes at his Camelot base, but within that amount of time each Jaffa child would become stronger than the one before.

Harry gave Teal'c's family 100 acres of his 1000 acre land that he had bought and had the goblins build a house for the family of three.  Harry also gave 100 acres to the Flamels to live on and the goblins built them a house as well.  The security wards on the property would insure that only the people who knew where to look would see past the illusion wards, and find the driveways and then only those that meant no harm to the inhabitants.

Chapter 4 by nightwriter84

General Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with these franchises.

Chapter 4—

Fire and Water-episode---

Harry and the rest of SG-1 team came through the Stargate in shock and very cold.  At the memorial service for Daniel Jackson, Colonel O'Neal said some beautiful words as Teal'c, Captain Carter, and Harry in an RAF uniform and Janet Frasier watched the U.S. flag folded and then Carter and O'Neal sent a wreath through the Stargate to an unknown planet.  Everyone showed up to the wake for Daniel Jackson at O'Neal's house.

"I do not understand this ritual" Teal'c says as he and Sam walk into O'Neal's house, Harry was right behind them.

"It's called a wake" Harry says from behind Teal'c and Sam as the two turn to see had shown up.

"On Chulak, it is custom to not eat for three days and nights," Teal'c says.

"Yeah, well a wake is like a big party it's supposed to give the departed a jolly send off," Carter says as the three walk down some steps to be greeted by O'Neal.

"Sam, Teal'c, Harry…you guys made it," O'Neal says while standing next to the bar, "Something to drink?"

"Yeah, sure beer," Carter says,

"Any fire-whiskey around here," Harry comments,

 "Afraid not,"

 "I must refrain,"

"There's food upstairs," as they head over to where O'Neal standing as he opens a can of cold beer and pours it into a glass the foams bring back some memories.

Daniel's apartment,

"You were there we all were," Carter says as she walks away from Harry.

"Then why don't I believe it," O'Neal says angrily

"I don't believe it either…something's missing it's as if my memories were tampered with," Harry says as he rubs a hand through his short messy hair.

"No one can mess with a person's memories," Carter says in denial.

"Actually they can," Harry says by way of information.

"What," Carter asks as O'Neal and Teal'c looks at Harry strangely.

"How do you think magicals have stayed hidden so long?  We have spells to modify or erase a person's memory, it's how we keep accidents from muggle-born accidental magic from being discovered if it happened in public or in front of muggles," Harry says as his beings to put the pieces together.

"Screw this packing let's get back to the base," O'Neal says as he went to leave.

"Now all of you have low levels of serotonin, but not this low or account for the other effects," Janet says as she walks over to a panel to show the members of SG-1 some things she found after running tests.  Harry had convinced her to run after he explained about memory alteration spells that the magicals possessed and that he believed that someone or something altered his and SG-1 memories.

"Come here, I want you to take a look at this," Janet said as she pulled something up on the computer.

"Now these dark spot here appear in all of your scans now it's almost to small an anomaly to worry about, but for the fact that it's in the same part of the cortex…" Janet is interrupted do to the sirens sounding.

 "Off World activation" his said over the loud speaker as O'Neal and the others run to the gate room.  Thinking that Daniel's come home to find SG-6 has returned.

"What, what are you looking for," Janet asks of O'Neal, "I Just thought…"

"Daniel Jackson was returning," Teal'c said in a way of answer.

"Oh my God I thought the same thing, but why…" Carter says stunned.

 "It's as I said before memory alteration, maybe not a charm or spells…but isn't it possible that if we magicals can do this with just are will power, than some alien race could also," Harry said to the group.

Briefing room,

"Both realities have to be resolved before you can move on," Dr. Mackenzie said

"He's alive I know this my memory says two different things of memory," Harry says as he gets up to pace.

"How long do you think you were gone," General Hammond asks the team.

"20 minutes, half hour tops" O'Neal says with all three confirming this time frame.

"You were hone for four hours tops," was General Hammonds reply to the stunned faces of SG-1, "What if Lt. Potter-Black is right what if these aliens have the ability to rewrite a person's memory" General Hammond asks of Dr. Mackenzie.

"I've had a great deal of success with hypnosis," Dr. Mackenzie says by way of a suggestion.

To O'Neal's disapproval and Sam volunteers to undergo hypnosis in hopes of recovering the true memories, "Oh my God, Harry we left him behind" Carter says as Harry grabs her in a hug and promises they'll go back for him.


"Perhaps in time," Nem says to the offer of friendship between their two races, before the one known as Nem wonder back into the sea and team headed home.

Set after The Nox-episode---

"You should have been there Harry 'the Nox' were incredible.  They had abilities such as yours and appeared humanoid it could be that at one point you could have been related," Daniel said as he described the Nox to Harry who had been away at his secret base that he would not tell anyone about at least until he had to.

Truth was Harry had been on the Nox home world at the time with Ragnoc as they were trying to negotiate a new beginning to the alliance at the same time and had viewed the events from above. As they had taken the Stargate on Camelot to the Nox home world and would return before the gate was buried.


In the debriefing room standing around talking about the women Daniel Jackson was currently supposed to be talking to were O'Neal, Hammond, Carter, Teal'c and Harry. "Do we really think anyone will believe that women if she goes blabbing about a Stargate.  I mean I have a hard time believing this women who walks around down on 73rd that talk about the little devil people that live in her hair even though she could use a little conditioner."

 "Is not the question how does she know about the Stargate," Teal'c asks the most obvious question that was on the minds of Harry, O'Neal and Carter.

"Dr. Jackson's trying to figure that out now," Hammond says as footsteps can be heard and everyone looks up to see Daniel Jackson coming down the stairs.

"I believe I have figured that out, sir.  She knows a hell'uve a lot either she studied her Egyptian mythology very carefully or…" Daniel says as he comes to a stop.

"Or what Daniel Jackson," asks General Hammond.

"Or she's actually lived it," was Daniel's answer to the question posed.

"Meaning," General Hammond asks looking at Daniel.

"She's a Goa'uld, sir" was Daniel's response to the question

"What?" was the astonished question from Carter as there was surprise look on her face?

"How is she a Goa'uld," O'Neal asks of Jackson.

"She could not have come though the Stargate, we would have been alerted," Teal'c said.

"She's been imprisoned in stasis on Earth for almost 2000 years," was Daniel explanation as O'Neal looked to see what General Hammond would say,

"His mental illness contagious," O'Neal asked?

"General Hammond I think she is Hathor or at least the Goa'uld that took on the persona of Hathor" Daniel Jackson said walking closer to and maintaining eye contact with General Hammond.

"Back up did you say she's a Goa'uld," Carter says.

"Yes, she feels indebted to us for killing Ra, who she was trying to stop from enslaving Earth.  You see she's always been a friend of humanity.  See that's how it was in the book of the dead, Hathor was a much loved goddess." Daniel says all relaxed

"You saying she wants to help us," General Hammond asks.

"Yes, she wants to help us defeat Apophis and protect us from other evil Goa'uld's" Daniel explains.

"And you bought into all of this," Carter asks?

 Harry was picking up on the strange behavior that Daniel and General Hammond were giving off; it was as if they had been enthralled by a Veela.  Lost in his own thoughts he missed out on the rest of the conversation about Hathor debriefing them.

"We thank you for allowing us in your court." Hathor said as she came down the stairs.

"You're welcome," General Hammond said with a goofy grin.


'Yeah, their under some kind of potion or spell' Harry thought to himself as he watched this Hathor person practically manipulate the general. 'Oh yeah a pheromone of some kind.' Harry thought.

"Hathor this is Dr. Aindreas 'Harry' Potter-Black, I told you about him and his people," Daniel said as Hathor released Teal'c's hand.

"Of course, your kind can come out of hiding now. I promise them that I will allow no harm come to them," Hathor said as she to then kissed Harry's hand after walking around Teal'c. 'Best to play along' Harry thought to himself as he too took a seat feeling the effects of the strong urge to submit to Hathor, but fighting it as best he could.  After all he had fought off the effects of the imperious, love potions and compulsions before. 

"I'll be happy to pass along your message," Harry said to them.

"According to the stories this women had magical powers over men.  She was supposed to be able to seduce them into doing anything for her.  In almost every case it describe them as being drunk with her presence," Carter explains her research to doc. Frasier.

"Well that would be how I describe are boys," Frasier said to the Carter.

"Yeah now I figure she's using some form of Goa'uld technology, any ideas," Carter asks of Janet.

"Oh she is alright," Harry said to the two women as he leaned against the door frame.

"What, Harry you scared us…Wait how are you," Carter says as she thinks he would be under Hathor's influence.

"I've had my experience fighting off love potions, compulsions, the thrall of a, well several Veela and the odd imperious curse, so it took awhile to rid the effects of Hathor's mist of love, and lust, but I managed," Harry said as he spoke to the two coming into the office and shutting the door.

"But if we want to stop her I might have to pretend to where that goofy grin, besides Hathor has nothing on the beauty of the women I know.  By the way you two have more than she will ever have," Harry said to the blonde and brunette Captain.

"Lt. are you flirting with us," was the smile that graced Janet's lips.

"Possibly, but then again I prefer brains over beauty and you two have both," Harry says shaking his head to clear it, "Sorry I guess that stuff that comes out of Hathor's mouth has side effects."

"What stuff," Carter asked of Harry

"Some kind of pink mist that is absorbed though the skin," Harry said informing the two women.

"Of course, some type of air born pheromone," was Janet's guess.

"Ok, act like your still under the effects for now, we made need someone to bail us out if my plan doesn't work," Carter says as she goes over the plan with Harry and Janet.

Things didn't go according to plan and Harry ended up in a cell with Teal'c only to be rescued by the women.

"I am pleased to see you, Captain Carter," Teal'c said as he and Harry were let out.

"So am I," Harry said as he got out and took a gun to arm himself with.

"Ok, let Teal'c and I take the lead," Carter said to Harry and Janet as Teal'c and Carter entered the locker room first.

Teal'c and Harry helped to get O'Neal out of the tub with the larva Goa'uld as they laid him on a bench for Janet to look for a larva had entered him.

The group takes O'Neal to the embarkation room to the sarcophagus to heal. Only for Hathor to show up with reinforcements and Janet, and Teal'c are wounded and the Sarcophagus destroyed and fixing to implode.

"I don't think this is a good idea," O'Neal says as he gives them the sign to move out the back way.

O'Neal, Carter and Harry are able to take out the Goa'uld larva, but unfortunately Hathor gets away and heads to Chulak. 

Harry was in England for a meeting with the Prime Minister and Minister of Magic.  Harry was meeting Ragnoc in his office and a few others, the two were talking when Griphook knocked to inform Ragnoc of the guests had arrived. 

"Send them in," Ragnoc says as the goblin lets in the Black's family, the Tonks, the Tonks-Lupin, the Malfoys, the Longbottoms and the Weasley clan, as well as others entered the room and everyone took seats at the large round conference table.

"First, I here congratulations are in order for Severus and Narcissa on your impending marriage," Harry said as he looked at the Professor who smiled and grasped hands in a hand shake.

"Well I'm glad someone was finally able to tame you Professor Snape," as a round of laughter was heard.  Harry knew that this would give Severus access to the Prince family monies and titles.

"Good, now for why I brought you here.  I wish to get all of you in on the ground floor of Ambrues International Corporation.  Will be an extension of the technomancy company that manufactures the electronics or appliances, but will research, develop and manufacturing potions and medicine, defense projects for the use of the frontline use by the SGC, and Zero Point Energy or ZPE for the use of energy and electricity for the magical and non-magical world.

I have bought land here in England and Colorado Springs, CO.  To the facilities needed to research and manufacture these goods.  Now, it will employ muggle-borns, half-bloods, pure-bloods, and squibs and muggle-born parents who need jobs, as well as magical creatures.

The Flamels are already apart of the business and are willing to apprentice Draco, Severus.  You will be schooled in advanced alchemy, while Perenelle will apprentice Narcissa in healing arts, she is teaching Dr. Frasier all she can as for the healing arts and potions to a muggle, but that can only go so far.  You would also be learning from Dr. Frasier about muggle medicine.

Fred, George you could help if you could turn some of those jokes into diversions, defense or offense weapons.

 Remus, Tonks, and Frank if you could put together a security force to patrol and maintain secrecy for the facilities.

 Bill we could always use another who knows Egyptology; especially, curse-breaking and warding; besides Daniel Jackson would love to talk to you about your time in Egypt.  Fleur we could use an accountant to work with the Ragnoc and the goblins. 

Charlie if you could get up the rights to the shed hide of dragons for the armor it would help.

 Percy, would you be willing to learn about business muggle and magical, so you could run the company in my absence.

Andromeda and Ted, I know you have a law firm, but could you be bothered to be the company lawyers.

Hermione and Susan, I would like it if the both of you would help in research and development.

Neville, I hope you won't mind providing our herbology and botany division.  Sense I know you went to muggle University to study biology and botany and have a master in herbology.

The rest of you I would like it if you were all on the board of this new company," Harry said as they agreed to be a part of the group to Camelot and activated there Alteran genes and had them activate the repositories that were catered to their area of interests.  Draco, Severus and Daphne learned all about chemistry, biology and biochemistry.  Narcissa learned the biology, medicine and the healing arts.  While Neville learned about botany, Luna and Charlie zoology and crypto zoology.

"Harry, just so you know I'm going to take Molly, back as my wife and Ron and Ginny…," Arthur began to say.

"It's alright; they've served their time alls forgiven.  Just keep Ginny and Molly away from me, if at all possible," Harry said as he shook Arthur's hand and the two made amends after transporting back to Ragnoc's office.

 "Now, international floos are no longer necessary.  Since a new invention of the companies is of rune transport driven wards will make floo systems and portkeys a thing of the past, now that Amelia has gotten us international approval they and the Zero Point energy co. and technomancy research and manufacturing are the first companies under the Ambrose International Co. banner with the Magical Broadcasting Network, Wizarding World Web that you see before you our going on sale in one week," Harry said as he showed the group the products a television, computer system, stereo, and other appliances.

"So this is what that new store is next to ours," Fred said as he looked at the gear on the table.

"Yes, and your store will be the first along with the ministry, and Gringotts bank to use the latest in retail and Kate's Quidditch team will be the first with a fully interactive website and new stadium, so that match's can be broadcast with the Creevey Brothers advertising agency now crossing over into the magical world," Harry showed the new websites the Creevey Brothers set up for the MBN, Ambrose Electronics, Holyhead Harpies, the Squibbler, and Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

Harry had a party at his log manor at Colorado Springs to introduce SG-1, Dr. Frasier, and General Hammond and Teal'c's family to the magical friends and family.

"Welcome, everyone to my home.  There's plenty of food and drink for everyone," Harry said as he stood on the stairs leading into a well decorated meeting hall, lounge, and dance area.  Harry then went around the room to introduce each other to those that they didn't know.

"Daniel this is Ragnoc head of the goblin nation and once known as the Furlings and this is Bill Weasley and his wife Fleur Delacour-Weasley, who is representative the Veela nation," Harry introduced the group to Daniel. "Bill here has experience with curse-breaking in Egypt…I dare say if they had him on the team perhaps the members of the King Tut dig would have lived."  The two men hit it off as they talked about different digs they had been on and the children followed Rya'c around as he told them stories of Chulak.

"It seems Rya'c has found some friends," Harry said to Teal'c and his wife as they watched the kids sit and exchange stories.

"Indeed, Lt. Potter-Black," Teal'c said as he watched his son having fun with other children

"It is good to see Rya'c happy," Drey'uac says smiling at her son.

"I am afraid you will have to watch yourself, Lt…," as Drey'uac says to Harry.

"It's Harry and why," Harry asks as he follows Teal'c's wife's gaze to a group of women in a heated debate.

"The women are entranced by you," was the only answer she would give.

 The night wore on as the party came to a close and everyone left and the friends and family stayed ----before returning to England the next day.


"This complex has been totally decontaminated.  How many dead so far," Dr. Frasier asked as SG-1 came out of the haze mat decontamination chamber.

"We estimate about 1, 000," Carter answers for the team.

"Why didn't they send a message, some warning that this was happening," Frasier asks the million dollar question.

"We don't know," O'Neal states to Frasier's question.

"Looks like all this happened very quickly," Jackson says to the group.

"Now, there may still be some survivors out there, shouldn't we be looking for them," Carter asks anxious to get out and look for anyone left alive.

"No, not until I exam you, we'll use the barracks room, Colonel you said you touched the victim before putting on gloves," Frasier says to the Colonel.

"Yeah, but I washed my hands right away," O'Neal complained to the Doc.

"No, your first," Janet says as she leads the way to the make shift exam room as Jackson sneezes.

"Allergies, right," O'Neal asks as they head towards the exam room.

"Right," Frasier adds as the group continues on.

After their exams the team now in haze mat suits begins the process of tagging the victims.

"Colonel, someone in the bushes, but they won't come out," Carter says as Colonel O'Neal has Teal'c go into the bushes to try and coax the girl out.

Back at Camp---

"It's ok, don't worry everything's going to be ok," Carter says as Janet checks the girl over. 

"Can you hear me," Carter asks?

 "Very brave," Carter says as she tries to soothe the girl.

"Can I take the mask off," Carter asks pointing to her mask as she asks Dr. Frasier.

"I think it would be ok, looks like we're dealing with a bacterial infection just don't get to close," Janet warns her friend as she turned to look at the blood work print out.

"There that's better, feel like telling me your name now?" Carter asks the still silent girl.

"That's ok, remember my name, Samantha Carter, but you can call me Sam…," Carter says as she talks to the girl again.

"This can't be," Janet says reading the girls blood work results as Sam comes over to stand next to her.

"There are elements of what the Stargate is made out of in her blood," Janet informs Sam.

"What, Naquadah," Sam asks as she looks at the blood work for herself.

"Now it's possible that this is why she was able to resist the infection," Janet says to the stunned Sam.

Everyone packed up as Teal'c, O'Neal and Harry stayed behind to watch the eclipse and catch a glimpse at the black hole.

Back at the Base on Earth---

"Can you remove it," General Hammond asked Dr. Frasier as the device in Cassandra's chest had been discovered.

"Not without killing her, sir.  What if we got Lt. Potter-Black back here, he could…," Janet says as she proposed an idea.

"Do it! If there's any way to save this little girl, then have him use any tools necessary," General Hammond says as the two separate to go their own ways.

An hour later and Harry is back thru the gate, "What's going on?" Harry asks as he takes off his haze mat helmet.

"We have a problem with the little girl and your help is needed," Janet says as she fills Harry in on what had been happening sense getting back to the base as they headed to the infirmary.

"Hello, Cassandra…I'm Harry and I'm going to help you feel better," Harry said as he laid the girl down on a bed in the medical room.

"How," Cassandra asked as Harry explained in simple terms about the machine he had that would take the foreign object out and she wouldn't feel a thing.  With the tap of a rune and Harry's bracer gauntlet locked on to the machine in her heart the transporter was able to transport the miniature bomb into a sealed container.  Harry explained how she was a brave girl and that he too had lost his parents when he was young.

"How are you feeling, now Cassandra," Harry asked the little girl as Sam and Janet entered the room.

"Much better, Harry" Cassandra said as she was smiling some. 

Chapter 5 by nightwriter84

General Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with these franchises.

Chapter 5---


After receiving very harsh words from the Tollan leader Omoc the General and team leaves, but Harry stays and decides to get rid of the offensive leader and his kind before they could get into any real trouble.

"I can help you, Omoc," Harry says to the ungrateful and arrogant man.

"I find that hard to believe," Omoc says to Harry as he raises his hand and sets up silencing wards so that they are not over heard.

"I'm not what I appear, High councilor.  How?  Simple I read your surface thoughts.  No one can hear us, I assure you.  I am the first my kind, a new ancient or Alteran.  Ah, you've heard of us," Harry says as he sees a look of astonishment on the high councilors face.

"Good, my kind is a hybrid species of the last Ancients and the first primitive humans of this world, your world in which your kind evolved.  I have access to technology that was left specifically for me as the heir of Ambrose, Ganos Lal, and Janus.  I have a city-ship, come let me show you," Harry says as he then transports the Tollans to Camelot.

"Truly amazing, that you have matter transportation," Omoc said as the others looked around at Camelot.

 "I do not have the means to send you to your new home, but I can send you to an ally world that is just as advanced as the ancients, and if you will listen they will teach you many things if you are ready to listen to your elders," harry spoke cryptically as the Stargate was activated and the Nox, Lya appeared.

"Here to show you are gratitude, as an apology and as we believe you will not abuse the power of the technology entrusted to you, like some of your counterparts," Omoc said handing over one of the phase shifting devices.  Harry went to a computer terminal and downloaded the information for a neural interface device.

"Here a neural interface device, so you can interact with your technology with your minds. I have added safe guards in place so the information cannot be sold or given away or used against others," Harry said as he handed over the small device to Omoc.

"A most prudent precaution, one, we will take in the future, I hope that you will count the Tollans as possible future allies," Omoc says as he and the others left to the Nox home world.  

Harry spent the next month at Camelot making upgrades to his gauntlet/bracer and adding the phase shifting technology.  The bracer 2.0 had the same mini-computer, personal cloak, multi-phasic shielding, phase shifting device, a haze mat shield and filter for radiation, Alteran scanner, Zat/tazer gun capable and magical or ZPE amplifier.

At a meeting with General Hammond and the rest of SG-1 and a very angry Colonel Maybourne Harry puts the new weapons on and armor on the table.

"Here," harry says to the stunned group.

"What are these," asks General Hammond as he looks up to Lt. Potter-Black.

"Part of what I promised the President and Prime Minister, curtsey of Ambrose International Co. defense research and development.  The new side arms, rifles, bracers and armor, enough for the SGC personnel to use," Harry said as he explained the capabilities of the weapons and armor.

"Some of the armors aspects are hard to come by, the hide or leather from the basilisk or dragons for example, but given time we can come up with something to substitute the leather hide and the bracers have built in haze mat shields and filters for radiation or infectious diseases, a mini-computer with AI system and translator, scanner, a multi-phasic shield that will even keep out projectile weapons and personal cloaking device, as well as the phase shifting technology from the Tollans.  The guns will shoot a phase plasma burst that will burn through a target or armor worn by Jaffa's, but not pierce through a person's body, would be a excellent side arm for security personnel in tight corners or where you would be afraid to shoot, say like an airplane.  There is also a tazer setting that fires a minimum burst of electricity only enough to encompomistate a victim for thirty minutes to an hour and a regular projectile component with increased bullets chamber or magazine 90 shots per mag," Harry said describing the features before adding,

"Each one is encoded to the DNA structure of every member of the SGC, only they can use their weapons as a safety misuse the weapons."

"Well we thank you for these new weapons and armor.  You do understand we will have to test these out for safety and to see if they do what you say," General Hammond says as he looks at Harry.

"Of course, they have been tested and I believe they will stand up to any tests that you give them," was Harry's reply.

Solitudes episode didn't happen as Harry had the backup Antarctica gate in storage.

The cross reality episode and Politics episode did happen and the SGC was shut down, so the NID could try and get its hands on the Stargate, please just bare with me on this one.

Even though England and Harry were pay for the SGC bills the operation was still shut down.  Harry was sent home to England or so it was thought.  In a meeting with the Prime Minister and his joint chiefs of staff, Harry was giving his report on what happened and threat to Earth.

"How prominent is this threat, Lt. Potter-Black," the Prime Minister asked of Harry.

"Very sir and the other problem I picked up on was the NID wanting to get its hands on the Stargate for themselves, sirs," Harry says as he reported for the debriefing with his superiors.

"Do you have the means to combat the threat of invasion and keep the NID at bay," the Prime Minister asked of the young LT.

"Yes, sirs," was Harry's only answer to the question.

"Then, I hereby order you to use them and any means to protect Earth," the Prime Minister ordered as Harry came to attention and snapped a salute.

"Yes, sir," Harry said then left for Avalon.

Harry was on Avalon sitting in the control chair for the city as he cloaked the city-ship and lifted off the Dark side of the moon.  Avalon's AI computer system picked up on two massive ships coming out of hyperspace.  They were fast approaching Earth as they began to move into orbit around Earth, Harry moved Avalon into orbit behind them.  Harry had been listening in on what had Colonel O'Neill was up to and the rest of SG-1 as he had tracking and listening charms placed on them.  They were on board Klorel's ship as the U.S Air Force launched to useless warheads at the energy shields of the Ha'tak ships.

"Here me Apophis and Klorel of the Goa'uld," Harry said as is distorted image and voice was being projected from the modified tactical and control room of the massive city-ship Avalon.

"Who I am is none of your concern; all that matters is that you cease your attack, now.  The Earth is protected by me and the alliance of old will come again.  The treaties you signed must be honored for Earth is now a protectorate of the new alliance.

Jaffa here me I offer freedom to those who would stand against the false gods that enslave you…leave your posts now and live or die if you stay.  The decision is yours to make…you have five minutes to leave, any vessel that leaves and does not attack will be spared," Harry said as he shut the link off.  Harry had Avalon and Camelot target the weapons systems and propulsion systems of the Ha'tak ships.

With help from the Alteran scanners Harry located SG-1, Bra'tac, Klorel, and his two warriors and transported them over to Avalon, putting Klorel in stasis.

"What the hell…," O'Neill said as he and the group heard the message and then was transported to an unknown ship, only to stand in front of Harry.  Looking around them the saw via holographic projections the two Ha'tak ships, Earth, the moon, and open space, when Apophis's ship charged weapons to open fire on Earth.  Harry quickly ordered drone missiles to fire and disable the ships and then transported all on board into the sun, along with the C4.

"They apparently made their choice," Harry said shaking his head at the loss of life.

"Where are we," Carter asks of Harry as she follows harry with the others to the infirmary where Klorel is in stasis.

"Avalon…my inheritance was the city-ships of Camelot and Avalon," Harry said as he pressed several runes on a terminal to transport the Goa'uld from Skaa'ra and into a holding tank.  Then he woke him up as the SG team and Bra'tac decided that it would be best to take over Apophis's space before the other Goa'uld system Lords learned of the true fate of Apophis.

Two days later,

At a meeting in Washington D.C between the President, Senator Kinsey, the Prime Minister, SG-1, the joint chiefs, Colonel Maybourne who represented the NID and the Prime Minister and Harry.

"You said you were an ancient as in the…," Jackson began to say, but was cut off.

"No…the Ancients who built the gate system have left this plane of existence.  The Magus Race or magicals are the descendents of them and primitive humans.  This is better to be understood if you had the entire story," Harry said as the goblin Ragnoc appeared in a flash of light.

"Gentleman and lady, I would like to introduce some of you to Ragnoc of the goblin nation, which was once the mighty Furling Race from the Andromeda galaxy," Harry said as Ragnoc bowed to the assembled group.  Ragnoc then set up the penseive crystal and began the tail of the Ancients and the four great races.

"So you are telling us that we are an earlier version of the Alteran race…," Senator Kinsey said in disbelief.

"Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying.  In fact some of you may still posses the genes to activate and interact with Alteran technology, but it is so diluted that it may not be of any use or could be detrimental for you to interact with a knowledge repository.  The Magus on the other hand can use the Ancient technology safely.  It is my and my races hope that you will help Harry reform the alliance and join as the sixth and the Jaffa someday perhaps the seventh race and bring peace once more to the three galaxies.  You also need to find your long lost cousins who left in our ships to find what happened to the city-ships Olympus and Kobol." Ragnoc says as he looks to the group members.

"What do we get in exchange," Colonel Maybourne asked the question on the minds of him and Senator Kinsey.

"In exchange for your help, I will continue to work with the SGC and SG-1 from time to time and protect Earth from invasion.  I am in the process of setting up a new alliance with the Tollans, the Nox and am trying to get in touch with the Asgard in the Ida galaxy.  I will supply a ZPM device that will power the gate and the SGC complex and the world if allowed, but you will have to inform your counterparts of the Stargate," Harry said at seeing looks of disagreement from the heads of state.

"The UN must know and the heads of state can help with costs, like I and the British government our.  An international team of scientist can study the Ha'tak and come up with an Earth Alliance ship and defense network.  He U.S. and British magicals that are trained can be stationed at Camelot and Avalon.  Once the designs for ships are approved then the material found and mined from uninhabited worlds, only.  I can have the constructor bots on Avalon and Camelot begin to build Earth Alliance ships, to be manned by a united Earth.  I'm not saying you have to give up the national identities, but to work as a confederation of sorts in the mutual interests of Earth and common defense against a common threat.  The world's nations have done it in the past, so why not now?  I will also add better shields, Alteran scanners and cloaking technology, as well as hyperspace travel engines.  I already have designs here that I can show you, think of it a new age of peace and knowledge, a new renascence," Harry said as he listed off the additional help that he could give in the way of medicines, agriculture techniques, and mining all environmentally safe, ship designs that he contributed to the television shows Babylon 5 and Star Trek for inspiration.

"We don't have much of a choice, now do we.  The benefits out way the negatives of going public, I agree so long as you and the Magus stop hiding and come out as one nation," the Prime Minister said in his compromise.

"I will talk to the ICW, our version of the UN about sending a group or delegation to the UN if we are recognized and protected under all laws against discrimination by every country, I will also allow for observers to be assigned to Camelot and Avalon, hell we could start the moon city of Avalon and the Mars city of Camelot and put colonists on the planets and begin to terra form the planet into Earth's first off world colony," Harry said laughingly, but the others liked the idea.

"No civilians for now," the Prime Minister said as the group was in agreement.

"Agreed," the President said to everyone.

"Just get the NID to stop breathing down the SGC neck," Harry added.

"Fine, with this new technology the NID's mission is scrubbed and redirected to planetary security force in conjunction with a British security force and any other countries that wish to add a known presence to this new Earth Alliance Organization.  The SGC will lead this effort under your command Lt. General Hammond" the President added to the surprise of everyone including General Hammond.

"Yes, sir Mr. President," Hammond said.

"The NID will also be under your command with General Maybourne running the research and development and General O'Neill the tactical teams. Everything will be run out of the Cheyenne mountain complex and Area 51, with secondary bases on Avalon and Camelot, General I believe that promotions are in order for Captain Carter and Prime Minister perhaps a promotion for the LT, here," the President added.

"Of course, LT. Potter-Black consider yourself promoted to squadron leader or Major in the new Royal Earth Force intelligence service under the premise of the RAF intelligence and SAS or Royal Earth Force" the Prime Minister said as he came up with the new branch that would stay under the RAF, until the Gate became public knowledge.

"Yes, Sir," Harry said snapping to attention and saluting.

Everything was set up over the next few months and the UN, ICW, world leaders of counties, Congress and Parliament were told of the existence of the magical race and that they weren't magical, but were an evolutionary step forward, the goblins even stepped out as the Furlings to the magical world and the UN, each group was given a seat on the UN council and the magical world was exposed for the first time in 500 years.  The ICW became the international government for the Magus race and the individual magical countries were given a type of statehood, with Britain and the U.S. leading the way.

New power plants or stations were set up on every continent to house the ZPM devices and energy became green and almost free as the new fees went into research and development of the new Earth Force fleet.  Nuclear Planets were shut down, as well as other means of creating electricity, except for the green methods were being used as backup power sources.

A cure for cancers was found and began the test phases and the medical potions were tested to see if they would work on normal humans, which they would, but proper testing had to be done.

Magical creatures were given rights and protected as endangered animals, like the hippogryph and dragons, and the sentient creatures were recognized as races and you now had to hire house elves and they had to be educated to high school standards.

July 31st 2003,

It was Harry's 23rd birthday and Harry had been surprised with a birthday party at his log manor in Colorado Springs.  Narcissa and Bellatrix had organized a party with the SGC personnel, and other magical friends and family.

"Surprise," everyone yelled as they came out of hiding when Harry entered his main guest room that led to the deck and grill, where Dobby and Winky were preparing the food.  They had grown with freedom and the bond to Harry.  They now stood 5 foot, Dobby and 4'5" Winky and wore real uniforms of just dress slacks, black, with polished black shoes and polo shirts, white, with the new coat-of-arms granted to Harry's new family, but combined elements of the old family, Potter, and Black. Harry had also regained his title as Lord in both worlds magical and muggle.

"Thank you," was all Harry could say as he looked around seeing all his friends and adopted family and so the party started.

"So why don't we get this party started," Harry suggested to everyone who had been watching as he then shook Dean's hand and then Seamus hand in greeting.  The music was turned back up and the drinks flowed and there was plenty of food for everyone.  After awhile a quidditch game started up on the regulation quidditch pitch in the backyard, as teams were chosen and the spectators watched a thrilling match.

After the match the twins brought out something to show Harry.

"Come on Harry you have to see this," Fred said as they brought out a disk just large enough for a person to stand on.  It was an inch thick and made of mirthil.

"Well go on try it-"Fred

"Yeah, Harry but put a sticking charm on your shoes, though-"George

"Ok," Harry said as he stepped on and silently put the charm on his feet, "Now what," he asked.

 "Think of flying and how to maneuver a broom," George said as Harry closed his eyes and thought of how to fly and maneuver a broom.  Harry felt himself lift of the ground on the disk as it rose a foot in the air.  He then shifted his foot to the left and went in a circle, the n the right and he turned again as he pushed down with his toes to go forward and then leaned on the balls of his feet to go backwards.

"This is cool," Harry said as he thought of landing and the disk and canceling the sticking charm.

"How you manage to come up with this," Harry asked as he got off.

"One of those muggle cartoons, Static something, any way it only works for magicals right now, but if we could engineer a propulsion system and a small engine and make it lighter weight then we could replace those muggle vehicles," George said as they explained what they wanted to do and Sam got in on the engineering aspect.

Hagrid brought out Buckbeak to show the kids as Harry said "Ok, I want to show you kids something," as he showed the kids the hippogriff

"Oh wow," Cassandra said as she looked at the large animal.

"Now, be very quiet as you approach, only one at a time though.  Keep eye contact like this and bow low to the noble creature as you maintain eye contact," Harry whispered to the kids as he led Cassandra to stand in front of Buckbeak and she followed Harry's movements and mimicking them.  Eyeing the two Buckbeak then bowed himself and Harry picked Cassandra up and put her on the hippogriff and then climbed on "Hold on Cassie," Harry said as the two took off and flew over the 1000 acres keeping low to the tree tops.

Coming back to the land in the same spot in the clearing, Harry then proceeded to give all the kids a ride before it got to dark. Then he bowed one final time to Buckbeak as he went off to his herd on the edge of the woods.

"That was amazing," Sam said as she was helped off Buckbeak's back as the women had talked each other into going for a sunset ride.

"How did you manage to get a herd of hippogriff's here," Bella asked of Harry as they walked back to the screened in sitting area of the deck.

"I called in a few favors and with matter transport it was easy," Harry said as the party continued around Harry as Sam, Janet, and Bella, were congregated around him much to the amusement of many.

Chapter 6 by nightwriter84

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Chapter 6—

Episode – In the line of Duty---

Harry walked into the debriefing room to hear Carter say, "maybe the reasons weren't made apparent to you…I mean you are just a Jaffa." This stunned everyone in the room to momentary silence as Harry sensed something wrong with Sam a kind of struggle within her.  Having sensed the same thing from Klorel/Skaa'ra Harry turned the chair around and looked Sam directly in the eyes to see if his suspicions were correct.  Finding they were Harry quickly waved his hand and stupefied Sam into unconsciousness.

"Major what…," Hammond demanded to know why Harry had knocked his officer unconscious with magic.

"She's a Goa'uld, sir I can sense its presence in her mind," Harry said to stunned silence.

"Well get it out of her," General Hammond ordered as he looked worriedly at his officer.

"Yes, sir," Harry said as he linked his mind with Camelot and transported the two to the infirmary, only to return three hours later with Sam back to her old self and the Goa'uld in a tank.

  "Any idea who the Goa'uld is," General Hammond said, as Sam was being checked out by doc. Frasier for any lingering effects.  General Hammond had entered Harry's lab/office, along with Daniel, Jack and Teal'c.

"Keeps saying that she's a To'kra and the name I think of Jolinar," Harry says shaking his head before adding "It's possible that Sam somehow became host to a resistance fighter to the Goa'ulds philosophy, as I have on occasion picked up coded transmissions pointing to a group of Goa'uld that act somewhat differently than the regular Goa'uld we have encountered."

"I to have heard rumors of the To'kra resistance, but Apophis has always denied such existence of a resistance," Teal'c told everyone as they contemplated this new development.

Harry frustrated turned back to the Goa'uld symbiote and hissed in the native language of the Goa'uld that he had learned "Tell us what we want to know and I will find you a willing host."

The To'kra shut up at this as it understood the human Harry said with a smile on his face "Yes, I speak your native language."

A moment later the To'kra asks "Can you promise me a new host."

"Yes, I so promise," Harry said as a flash of light surrounded him signaling a contract had been forged.

"What was that," Jolinar asked as she became scared of what this human truly was.

"I am not a normal Tau'ri as you can guess. I am one of the only ones to speak the language of the snakes or Goa'uld; you are on Earth the first world of the human species.  What can you tell us of why you took over our Major's body," Harry said to Jolinar as she told her story of the death of her previous host and hiding amongst the Nasya people to escape the assassin that was sent after her and fears he will still come after her soon.  Harry relayed her story to the group as they thought over the problem and Teal'c confirmed that assassin Goa'ulds did exist.

"If we could get an alliance started with these To'kra then the better," Hammond said before adding "what does the To'kra want in return?"

"A new host, willing to become part of the To'kra, sir this might be a way to heal some of the diseases that would mostly be fatal to most humans or wizard kind," Harry suggested as he turned to ask Jolinar a question "Jolinar if we could provide your kind with willing hosts would this be enough to start an alliance?"

"Yes, I believe I could persuade the elders of this alliance agreement," Jolinar hissed at Harry.

"Could your kind he'll a sick or otherwise dyeing human of a fatal disease, like cancer, if they are not too far gone.  I might even be able to find you hosts like myself that are more evolved that most humans, but I don't know if a blending would help or be stable, my kind naturally have a longer life span of 150 to 200 hundred years of life," Harry asked of Jolinar

"Intriguing, I would have to blend with one of your kind to see if it could be done," Jolinar requested as Harry turned back around to the others and asked,

"General Hammond the offer has been accepted and I would like to try and see if I could blend with Jolinar, first."

"No, you're too valuable and know too much," Hammond said shaking his head no.

"Exactly why the blending might not work because of my advanced physiology and genetics, but it would also show a trust and show what we have to offer in this alliance, and I'm sure with my mental training I can subdue a symbiote if the need arises," Harry said as Hammond weighed the options before shaking his head.

"Alright, but I really don't like this," Hammond said as Harry turned back to the tank and hissed.

"He agrees, but so long as I be the one to blend with you till a new host can be found." Harry then lifted Jolinar out of the tank and lifts the symbiote to his mouth and opens as it climb inside and wraps itself around Harry's spinal cord.  Harry's eyes glow gold and green where the iris is.

"Major can you hear me," Hammond asks as a combined voice is heard from Harry.

"Yes, I am here as is Jolinar, It's as if we are two beings active at the same time, sir the To'kra are real and the threat is real to Jolinar, we must stop the assassin, and I have an idea.  Put me in the brig as bait I can use my powers to subdue the assassin," Harry/Jolinar said as they came up with a plan to bait the assassin with minimal risk to others.

Harry was led to the brig where he waited for the assassin to come.  When he did the he scared the assassin by making his eyes glow the unusual combination before firing a killing curse at the assassin.

After a few minutes the door opened and O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c and Hammond came in to see the dead assassin.

It was decided that harry would go through the Stargate to the base for the To'kra and try to set up a deal and learn what he could until a new host was found.

To'kra base world---

Walking amongst the dunes Jolinar/Harry was ambushed by Martouf and other To'kra. Raising his hands in surrender Harry said "I mean you know harm I carry the one you call Jolinar, I am Major Evan Jameson of the Tau'ri of Earth, the first world."

"Let us speak to Jolinar," Martouf asked eager to hear from her as Harry bowed his head and raised it as his eyes flashed and his voice said "Martouf it is I and have come with an offer of an alliance with the first race of humans, the council must hear." Jolinar said as Martouf nodded and the group was escorted to the entrance to the tunnels and the council called to hear the words of Jolinar.

To'kra Meeting Chambers---

"Jolinar it is good to see you again," Sel'mak said as she entered the chambers to greet Jolinar.

"Who is your new host dear, the body I currently posses and share is that of Major Evan Jameson of the Tau'ri but also a descendent of the Ancient race, from earth or Terra the first world of humans.  They seek an alliance and I believe that we should consider this for they have come farther than expected and are the ones causing trouble for the system Lords and this one destroyed Apophis himself," Jolinar spoke to the council passionately.

"Let us speak with your host this Major Potter-Black," Sel'mak asked as she watched the head dip and then raise.

"I am Major Aindreas 'Harry' Potter-Black of the new Earth Alliance Defense Force; I am also a hybrid race between the Tau'ri and Ancient race, we are known as the Magus people," Harry said as he spoke to the council respectfully before adding "I am here seeking an alliance between Earth Alliance and the To'kra. As the first and chosen of my kind to be heir to the ancients I have access to their great city-ships Camelot and Avalon, I offer sanctuary in times of crises on either of these city-ships, I also offer hosts that would die without the intervention of your kind, most will be selected for talents in various military fields, including medicine and foot soldiers and technical fields.  I also will speak with the Magus people to volunteer hosts that live longer as are natural life span are 150 to 200 years, but can be more with the aid of the To'kra, as well as technologies that the Goa'uld have yet to find or think of," Harry said to the council as he went silent to allow them to think over the proposal.

"We agree to these terms on probationary terms," Sel'mak said for the council as the oldest.

"I have also started to negotiate with the Nox, the Asgard, and the Furlings who have been living on Earth for the last 6000 years, I have also set up an alliance with an advanced technologically group of humans called the Tollans, in hopes of restarting the Great Race Alliance and hope that the To'kra will become honored members, someday.  I am also working on a cure for the Jaffa so that they are no longer enslaved.  The Goa'uld you knew as Klorel, the son of Apophis is no more; we are using the legends of Klorel beating his father to take over his controlled space.  If you allow then you could put a permanent base within his territory," Harry added to the projects in hoping of enticing the To'kra leaders.

"You are busy doing a lot," spoke another council member as harry bows his head and Jolinar takes over.

"He does not speak of that which he cannot do or try to do.  I was cornered and removed from the host that I had inhabited through matter transportation, after sensing me in the mind of his friend, I was at his and there, the Tau'ri's, mercy.  Yet, he showed me mercy and offered to be a host until we can find a replacement, I am sure that we will benefit from the knowledge he possess as he is a scientist as well as a soldier of great skill.  Even now I can only access the parts of his mind that he allows me to see," Jolinar told her superiors of her tail.

For three months,

 Harry spent with the To'kra as a host for Jolinar until they found a new host who was dying from a fatal infection, before Harry went home through the Stargate.

Once on the other side harry gave his report to his superiors as he was questioned extensively by them, about the To'kra and their capabilities and technology.

"They which us to meet with them in another three months time," Harry told General Hammond.

"Ok, we will meet with them to discuss terms of an alliance treaty," the President said as he was listening in via tele-conference and so was the Prime Minister.

"Agreed until then we should check on military personnel with combat and espionage training that are dying and bring them in on the option of being a host to a To'kra," the Prime Minister said as everyone agreed.

For another three months Harry spent catching up on his back log of reports and designs for a defense network for Earth. Avalon was still cloaked on the dark side of the moon and Camelot was sat down on Mars as the first colony, as a research and manufacturing colony first, a space port was in the process of being built, under the guise of the international space station. The observation and defense platforms were being built by constructor bots, and a Jupiter station and was also being built as Harry was mining the materials from uninhabited worlds that he had sent probes to find the ore and constructor bots to mine and refine.  On the moon station, Avalon the scientists were studying the Ha'tak ship that had been captured.

The two city-ships were inhabited by Earth Alliance military and scientific personnel.  Each was tested for any trace of the Alteran genes.  The Magus Nation that was formed lent their best unspeakable and hit wizards to the forces as the Earth Alliance Mage Corp. Each was first inducted into their countries armed forces and given basic training, then assigned to National security or Earth Alliance security.  Harry developed a wandless focus band/gauntlet for the Mage Corp's to use.

Once back at the SGC, Harry went over everything he missed while he was gone.  Harry was taking a break when he saw Janet in the hall by the elevator, "Janet," harry said as he came up next to her.

"Yes, major," Janet said as she turned to see who had approached her.

"It's Harry when were alone or not on duty, please. I was wondering if you had found for me to talk to…the shrink," Harry asked as they got on the elevator and pressed their destinations.

"I'm afraid not," Janet asked now concerned for the major.

"Harry, do you need someone to talk to," Janet asked as she stopped the elevator and turned to him.

"Yes, if you don't mind," Harry said as Janet hit the restart button and they road to the floor where her office was located and got off to head to her private office and closed the door.  Harry took a seat on the small couch as Janet sat across from him in a chair.

"What's wrong Harry," Janet asked as she took a seat in her chair and concern in her voice.

"I'm just stressed is all? I was hoping that bringing in the SGC in on the whole picture and getting help from the world's governments would help," Harry started to say before stopping to organize his thoughts.

"But it's not," Janet asked confirming her thoughts.

"Yes and no, I'm having trouble sleeping.  Nightmares of the time I was tortured by Voldemort and his death eaters.  I'm glad that the magical world his out in the open, now.  It just seems as if I have no life, anymore.  I haven't been on a date in I don't know how long and yet I have three women interested in me," Harry said as he looked at Janet watching her eyes.

"Well as for the sleep I can give you something for temporarily relief.  I can prescribe a vacation, as well.  As for the social aspect…," Janet began to say as she looked at Harry.

"I…uh thanks for listening," Harry said as he looked into her deep brown eyes and smiled.

"Anytime," Janet said but she got the feeling that he had wanted to say more.

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